Age is Just a Number!

How many of you all agree with me that age is just a number?

We have several desires, dreams, and goals that we want to achieve and reach at the top of sky! We should accomplish them without thinking at what age we are because ambitions have no age limits! Are you all nodding your heads or not?

Life is like a sea and so are our wishes they don’t have an end! We should have the opportunity to fulfill them at any cost and we should not have regrets that we didn’t try just because we became older. Several people leave doing the things which they love the most because they think they are younger or older for their age. I believe that we must do what we enjoy the most at the present time not in future because sometimes there will challenges and obstacles which will bother us at that moment. What do you all think about this?

There is no one running around us telling us what we need to do or not! We are in charge of everything for ourselves and we should decide what will be the best for us. We shouldn’t listen to peoples’ comments and judgements for us about our matters regarding age!

Age is just a number, and I am just reminding you all that whatever we think and expect from life is a way to obtain everything that we hope, and we should remember that any age is not the end of our accomplishments in our entire life!

Just the Way I think about Age.

A= stands for achieving the best in our lives!

G= stands for getting motivated for everything.

E= stands for evaluating our success at any time!

Don't Let Age Hold You Back From Achieving Your Dreams | by Clarice Lin |  Mindful Entrepreneurship | Medium


A Bundle of Exciting Surprises in Life!🎁🎉🥳😲😳

Who doesn’t love surprises in this world? We all admire surprises including adults and children. Surprises create suspense atmosphere for us, and we keep thinking about it till the end until we get the surprise from our loved ones! Sometimes, an unwanted news of something gives us a shock of life that is not unexplainable in words! The moment of that time captures great memories for us that can’t be forgettable forever.

Life gives us surprises which are awful and great. Surprises knock at our door, and they make us happier and feel out of the world at times! There are several situations in life that make us wonder about how we can make a great living and not get bored from them. Receiving small, unexpected gifts or news can change our attitudes and behaviors as well.

Surprises are like magic that spreads positive vibes all over in our lives! Small gestures from our relatives and friends even from strangers make us smile and they do which we can’t even imagine! A bundle of surprises in life is good to be experiencing because it is a pleasant feeling to be endure.

Never stop expecting surprises in life because we don’t know what it brings us! Surprises are a way to live life in an interesting manner and to have fun with it. We are lucky that we have family and friends to give surprises to each other! Surprises build joy and thrill in our lives!

Life Is Full of Surprises Quote - EnkiQuotes

An Urge to Cry Out as Loud as We Want to!

What do you think while crying out loud? We are not in a state of being aware of anything when we cry, and we don’t know how to control ourselves while crying out loud. Crying comes naturally within us because our emotions get piles up inside us that it is so difficult to breathe for us, and in this case, we just start to cry when we can’t handle any more stress!

I believe that crying helps us to relax, and we feel a lot better after we are done crying. Some people are great in hiding their tears, and some people are not. Things don’t get solved though by crying but it changes our moods.

There are two types of crying which are crying in happiness and crying in sorrow. These two types are vital in life I think so because it is a way to express out our feelings for different occasions too.

As humans we are so emotional that we need crying to help out release different kinds of emotions. Some people think that crying makes us weak as a person especially men that is why they don’t cry, but crying is a way to help feel better.

Overall, we should cry because it is a great way to release our burden from our body and mind. Sometimes, we keep things inside us which makes us feel sick and we tend to feel suffocated as well and in order to not get that type of feeling, we should all cry out as much as we want to! Remember crying is not a weak sign always!

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A Connection Between a Brain and Heart!

We have a connection between our brain and heart that is the reason why we make choices this way. Sometimes, we have to make choices logically than from our heart because it is rare that we take from both. There are several situations which makes us think that taking a decision from our heart is not practical at all. So, we have to avoid taking a decision from heart, but we can’t forget that our brain and heart are connected in a way that it is difficult to take a firm decision from our heart only. Why do we like to take decisions from our heart and why can’t we make the right decision for ourselves or for others? Things become out of focus when we can’t understand that our brain is right, or our heart is!

Life is complicated and so are we because we can’t decide what is the best solution for us at times. There should be a way to guide us how to handle such situations and make the best choice possible.

Sometimes, we get stuck up between our brain and heart because they give us two different responses. We find it difficult to choose from and in this way our precious time gets wasted also! Some decisions can be taken from our heart, and they are successful, and some can’t be taken at all.

How can we overcome this and take and make the best choices for others and for us involving our brain and heart?

5 tips that will help us decide what is right for us to do!

  • Give a thought and time to make choices and decisions.
  • Think of all options before you decide and commit.
  • Ask for advice from your loved ones.
  • Don’t assume that every decision you make will be the best.
  • Don’t ponder a lot around with your decision once you have taken.

Our brain and heart work together that it is no doubt, but it is hard to decide to who to listen to at times. We are in a dilemma that we can’t comprehend what is the best solution for others and for us in difficult situations!

Why is it Hard for us to Make Decisions?

Decisions are not made easily especially big ones. There comes a point in life where decision making gets harder for all of us because we don’t understand what can be best for us? Things become complicated when we grow older and wiser.

Decisions are small steps that we take to achieve big goals! Sometimes, there are several choices laid in front of us that we get confused what to pick out and make a correct decision for ourselves! Our mind gets distracted because there are circumstances which doesn’t allow us to take the right decision! Decisions are difficult to make because we have to think critically whether our conclusion will be right or wrong.

We are in a state that we find to take decisions hard because we don’t know where it leads us and whether this decision will change our life in a positive way or not. So, decisions should be made with a peace of mind and with patience as well. Often times, decisions that are made in hurry are usually not successful.

Every decision that we take should come out from our mind and heart because then we feel satisfied and happy too!

What I learned today: Beware confirmation bias – and why decision-making is  getting harder - Terri Paddock