Stop Complaining!

We complain several things in life about the things that we don’t have or want but we forget to be thankful for what we have always. We should be grateful because we are lucky that we have everything that we need because some people don’t have half of that which we have. We shouldn’t get depressed if we didn’t get what we desire at times because they were not meant for us.

Complaining about small things won’t get us anywhere in life we should be pleased and feel blessed for every little thing that we have.

Life is short and if you keep nagging all the time, you won’t be satisfied, and you will end up being sad too.

So stop complaining and start accepting your life as it is because when you do that you will feel a change in you, and you will be a happy person. Look at things that bring you joy instead of sorrow.

The mantra for stop complaining is to begin doing affirmations everyday which will release all your negative energy and you will feel peaceful.


Expressing out Love!

We should learn how to express love for everyone to show our feelings and emotions,

There are no special moments to tell someone how much you love them,

Showing care and concerns to our relatives is important in all the relationships,

Our connection with our loved ones becomes stronger when we do that,

Love fills up everything in our lives and there is no space for hate,

Expressing out love heals,

While expressing out hate destroys,

Loving and hating are like sugar & salt and if we have excess of these,

Lives becomes unbalance,

Time is precious in our lives, and we should all communicate with love and peace!

Talk with Wisdom!

We should speak with wisdom in our surroundings so that the society treats us with respect. We should never say anything that we aren’t sure of something which leads us into trouble.

Some matters are personal, and they require us to stay out and not interfere at all. There are few people that love to talk in matters which are not theirs and they make a big deal about them.

I have come up with a new meaning for this phrase Talk with Wisdom!

T- Talk with always knowing the truth,

A- Accept that no one wants you to interfere in their lives,

L- Learn to leave others alone to give them the space they want,

K- Keep your ears and mouth shut when you hear a rumor,

W- Why do people have to know everything?

I- In other houses,

T- They should mind their own business,

H-However, people enjoy gossiping about others,

W- Whether others like it or not,

I- In this worldwide web,

S- Some are great in hiding what they hear,

D- Doesn’t make a mess about it,

O- Only reveals to who they trust,

M- Most of the time!

Rainy Season!

Who loves the rainy season here?

When everyone loves to be cozy in their houses with their warm clothes on,

Sitting near the fireplace to make their hands warm,

Enjoying eating spicy and tangy snacks while watching the television,

Sipping up hot tea and coffee under our blankets,

The children in India go downstairs to dance in the rain and get thrilled to see an amazing view,

They spend hours dancing and they forget everything else, they are living the moment,

We wait for the rainy season every year and this season makes us smile and spread laughter and joy,

This season brings several great memories with it whenever we cherish them,

These are our precious moments that live in our hearts forever!