We should all follow a healthy lifestyle because it is important for us. One of the most vital way to get our nutrients is from eating salads. Salads contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for our body and mind. It helps our skin glow as well.  Children and adults must include salads in their lifestyle because it has several advantages that would allow them to have a flourishing future. Salads are essential for us because they contain fiber and water. There are many types of salads that are made with variety of greenly vegetables and different sauces which would make people want to taste them out! Many people can make a difference for themselves such as making a small change in their lifestyle. This will eventually lead them to a better future. We can make our lifestyle peaceful and not look old in the upcoming future:)



Fitness is important these days to keep our physical and mental health in shape. It helps our mind and body feel relaxed. Many adults including youngsters focus on their fitness to make their lives stress free from the busy routines that they have.

It should be a part of our lifestyle so that we can keep ourselves healthy. There are several activities that people can do to improve their physique such as jogging, running, exercises, yoga, walking, biking, and stretching. These activities help people to stay happy and are beneficial for them too. This can guarantee people that they will not be over weighted and lead to some tension free life.

People must take care of their fitness because it is the most VITAL thing in life! It is the right time to think about this until it gets too late.



Several people have hobbies that they like to do in their lives. They enjoy being involved in their favorite activities which helps them to stay stress free from their hectic and busy schedules!

Today, I am going to share my hobbies with you all!

  • I love going shopping in malls especially Avenues Mall located in Kuwait.
  • Watching Indian movies in theaters!
  • Listening to Indian devotional songs on YouTube.
  • Chilling out with friends!
  • Travelling to different countries to explore new things.
  • Attending Indian weddings!
  • Visiting my relatives in New Delhi which is in India.

What are your hobbies? How do you all spend your quality time?