True Love🧡💚

True love is only in books and movies. We can’t find true love in real life, it is difficult. We should be genuine to ourselves. There are ways that we can experience heartbreaks in our hearts, but we should control our emotions and move ahead in life. There are some people who treat you like they mean you a lot but at the end they break your trust. They don’t deserve your love at all. They just want to play with our feelings and sentiments, and they are big liars because they want to get their jobs done. We are foolish that we get trapped in them.

On the other hand, they are some people in life who get true love without asking anything and they live their lives smoothly. People are lucky that they find true love once in their lifetime. They deserve all the love and faith that they need and want. These people should expect blessings and miracles.

Life should be fair to all people because everyone is equal and true love is so pure that it should be express to everyone. We can appreciate life when there is love everywhere around us and this makes our life complete and precious.

True love is in the heart, and no one should have any rights to break your heart because once the heart breaks, it pains a lot, and you will die automatically. Protect yourself from dying!

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Don’t Give Up Hope in Life💙🧡💜💛💚!

Hope is the biggest medicine that can heal everything in life. Life is full of troubles and sorrows, but we should not lose hope.

The acronym of H.O.P.E is High Open Present Experience, and one should live in current situation and not in the future. We should enjoy every moment that comes in our lives rather than thinking about the things ahead.

Life doesn’t give us opportunities, but we should seek our possibilities by ourselves. Time doesn’t stop forever for everyone so we cannot halt our time too, we can spend it wisely on something that is valuable for us.

We should build up a strong hope and not give up in our lives because once we lose hope, everything gets shattered like a broken glass and it is difficulty to stand up again. There are many people who are great in hiding their problems and they seem that no one tries to understand them. These people tend to suffocate them in their lives, and they keep quiet, and they believe in God that one day He will make things alright.

Hope is like a lamp that lights up our lives and one should keep lighting it because if the lamp is blown out all our desires and hopes are destroyed. Life is like a searchlight that is hard to flash out every time. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

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Success in all Areas of Our Lives!

It is not easy to have success in our lives however we should work to earn to it. Life throws many obstacles in front of us. We should have learned to accept it with open heart. Life is a jigsaw puzzle where each piece is difficult to match together. There are lots of bumps that come in our way that makes us feel weak, but we should believe and work towards our goals so that we become successful.

There comes a time in life where we tend to give up because we get so fed up and don’t know what happens or goes around us, there is only one hope that is God, and we can expect anything from Him because He is the creator of the Universe. Everything happens in this world according to His will and He gives all the success to those people who deserve the best in their life. No one can stop us from God’s plans to make them true no matter what. We can’t go against Him including me what is in the destiny that is written already. We should wait for the right time anyhow and expect surprises too. Success is the key that will make you reach to the 7th cloud in the sky.

Last Hope!

In this generations there are many types of people who can’t understand their children and give them the love they deserve in this world but not everyone is like them. Parents should guide their children in every way that they can.  Every child is special and unique to their parents, parents can do anything and everything for them.  Every child has a desire to dream and live their life according to them. Adults should give children space to live their life and achieve their dreams and goals.

There are several hopes and wishes that a child dreams of one day to accomplish. A child should be strong and patient so that he/she could discover themselves. They should not doubt their own capacities. They are lucky that they have some special qualities in them which makes each child unique.

Last hope is like a candle that is hard to keep lighting up. Hopes and wishes are the best medicine to accomplish our dreams. Where there is a hope, there is a will always. A goal can be attaining if we put hard work and deal with hardships by ourselves. We should have the willingness to perform every task with lots of hope.

These days, people are struggling in their lives. Everyone has an issue in their lives such as career and health. These two topics are so popular these days because if we don’t have a good health how can we have a wonderful career. 

So my dear friends and everyone in the world, building and working for the last hope is important because it leads up the staircase toward our success in life. We should not give up in life because we never know what hits up in our door!

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