Why Focusing?

We need to focus on things which are important for us rather than wasting our time doing what is not needed. Number of times, we think that we are doing the right things for us but in reality, we are not halfway there yet. Don’t you all agree with me? If yes, nod your heads!

In life, we need to know what is vital for us and what we want in our lives and for that we need to grab our attention and decide what we want to do now rather than thinking about the future. We should not sit idle and wait for things to be done for us in fact, we should try to do things which can help us! We must know what is that we want to aim at and get a hold of it before it gets too late for us.

Focusing on important things in life gives us a way to live and enjoy our time. We have something to look forward to achieving our dreams and goals!

To become something in life, we need to focus on things so that our mind won’t drift away, and we don’t forget our ambitions!

Focusing Meaning to Me

F- Finding the right purpose.

O- On the track.

C- Continuing to work hard.

U- Understanding what is important!

S- Setting some goals.

I- In new ways.

N- Not being scared to any challenges.

G- Getting up and not giving up on obstacles!


The Ego

Everyone has an ego that comes up in their lives in a point of time. There are many situations and there will be situations which will make us go through things which might hurt our egos.

Things We Should Do To Stop Hurting Our Egos!

  1. Speak politely and with respect to others in career and personal life.
  2. Avoid doing things which leads to hurting the ego.
  3. Men and women’s egos are the same no one is bigger always keep this in mind before behaving badly.
  4. Controlling our anger in difficult situations.

There are chances that men think always that they can say anything to everyone, and it is okay to do that, but they don’t realize that their words can prick someone’s ego so terribly that the person can be affected in a negative way.

The ego can be big or small, but it shouldn’t come between others no matter what the situation is and how it is!

To Me Ego is ending grudges out of our system if we can, it will be helpful!

Trusting Our Instincts!

There are many things that come in our lives that make us know what will happen at that moment because we feel it and number of times it becomes true. Don’t you all agree with me?

In life, there are situations that prepare us for many different challenges, and we should be brave enough to handle them. Sometimes, we get a hint from our instincts that something is going to happen, and we should be alert.

Instincts come to us at a glance for something and for someone. They are like fast thoughts that come and go just like a blink of an eye!

Trusting our instincts is difficult because we don’t know whether it is a positive thing or a negative thing that will turn out to be.

These are the words that come to my mind when I think of instinct.

  • Confused
  • Mixed feelings
  • Right
  • Trusting
  • Wrong
  • Undecided

Are these some of your words too which comes to your mind?

Our Society’s Opinions!

Several times, the society that we are living in, forms opinions about us without thinking and knowing too!

Our society is demotivating and trying to make us weak by talking negative things for us and they should not do this at all, in fact the society should encourage everyone in a positive way!

On the other hand, we shouldn’t get affected by the society and we should show them that we are capable of doing things which they think that we can’t! We should learn how to reply to the society, and we shouldn’t stay quiet. The society questions us and we should not give them any reason to question!

The society includes a bunch of people and especially ladies who loves gossiping about us and they would be talking nonstop! They would find reasons in us and make us feel that we are not doing the right thing that we are supposed to be doing!

People will keep talking and talking but we shouldn’t react in fact we should take their talks as a challenge and prove them that they are wrong about us! The society will never stop judging us and they won’t change the way they think!

Trying Never Fails!

We should try everything out in life no matter how hard the things seem for us! There is no limit for trying anything, we can try as many times as we want to, and no one can stop us from doing that.

In this world, we face many hardships, and we go through several ups and downs that we think that it is impossible to do anything that we wished for. We shouldn’t think this way at all, in fact we should try until we succeed.

There is no harm in trying and we are not losing anything because trying helps us to learn new things and it makes us gain experiences too.

Everyone should try with full enthusiasm and lots of hard work in whatever they aim for then they will accomplish everything that they desire in life!

Trying is worth it because it helps us know our strengths and weakness and at the same time it challenges us to how to deal with things that are new for us!

Albert Einstein had tried ninety-nine times, but he failed but when he reached the 100th time he had become successful!

This tells us that trying never fails and we should always give it a try because we might achieve our goals someday definitely.