Sometimes it takes Fate & Luck for Everything.

Fate and luck are like two ingredients that makes life interesting to live. How many of you will agree with me? There is a reason for everything that happens in life, and we have to accept it.

We wait for our luck to turn out to be in our favor most of the time for everything we do. Fate is something that we can’t fight for to be in our favor because we have no control on it.

There are several times that we blame our struggles to fate because we can’t accept our own mistakes but that is not how it is. We get things in life according to our karmas that we had performed in past lives. This is the reality and how the life works for all of us.

Difficulties are in everyone’s lives these days, and people are dealing with it in their own ways. Some people are strong enough that they brawl with great courage and on the other hand, some are weak, and they can’t handle their problems at all, and they give up.

I believe that trying to face and solve all troubles in our life will give us a better chance to enjoy life instead of thinking about our destiny and luck for waiting things to come true!

Sometimes it takes fate and luck for everything is a phrase that is used to assume things that can come true and make us feel better and hope for something brighter to enter in our lives. Fate and luck go together because luck gives a new direction to fate and makes our destiny to shine as well.

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Destiny or Predictions?

Destiny is undecided future that no one knows in this world. We try to make several predictions for ourselves for a better life for us, but we are not successful in fulfilling. We predict many things, but things happen according to God’s will.

Few lines about destiny and predictions that I have created.

Destiny is a broad subject that involves our future and experiences that we go through in our lives!

Sometimes, we desire and want several goals to accomplish in our time frame but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen unless it is design to.

Predictions are easy to make but they are hard to achieve no matter what they are and how big they are.

We get so confused in solving some complicated things around us that we make mistakes and put a blame on our destiny for it.

Once something is written in a destiny for us, no one can change it.

Life is unexpectable and so is destiny and predictions. We are struggling in between these two things that we can’t accept things to be the way it should be. Often times, we think that we can’t get what we dream because it is not in our destiny, but we shouldn’t think that way. We as humans are strong enough to fight our future and try to change what is in destiny for us! Sometimes, an effort changes everything that is impossible to even imagine.

Maturity Comes with Experience!

What is your opinion about this as readers?

Being mature is a process throughout life because we learn several things with time.

We go through countless experiences in life that make us grow into an adult. Maturity doesn’t mean that we should be serious all the time or forget our precious memories, it means that we should think wisely and take a good decision for others and for us as well.

There are lots of struggles in life that we face, and we should handle them maturely and with patience too. Sometimes, the struggles are too tough that we forget how to act upon them and take a wrong decision and regret later.

Life teaches us several lessons and we get stronger too after being hurt many times. Often times, we have to console ourselves that everything will turn out well at the end. It is difficult to act maturely if we got into a terrible situation and start to panic all of sudden.

Maturity is to be fully grown as an adult and we are all aware of this fact. Sometimes, we as human beings react weirdly in situations that we don’t know how to solve something, and we need someone to do the work for us. It is important to take some advice from an adult who has an experience to help get a good solution.

Maturity comes as we grow up in age and look at our surroundings too. The people in our lives play a huge role because we try to imitate them!

Experiencing different kinds of challenges in our lives can also make us mature before time!

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Searching & Waiting for the Right Opportunities!

We all search for different opportunities whether it is for career or life! Yes or no, most of you will agree with me.

Sometimes, life gives us so many obstacles that we get tired of waiting for the right time for things to work out for us. We keep searching what is best for us all the time but at some point, of time we get so frustrated of doing the same things over again. Waiting for new opportunities requires a lot of patience because most of the time we don’t get what we want on time.

Life is not easy for all of us and so are opportunities because they are hard to see. There are lots of different emotions that we go through when we can’t get the right things for us and others too. Often times, life feels so depressed when we can’t find the best ways of how to achieve our dreams and goals. Searching all the time and not getting anywhere is the most difficult experience to be felt and no one can understand this unless they are in the same boat as you are.

Waiting for things to get solve by itself doesn’t happen so we have to do all the efforts to make everything go well. It is good to wait for a certain period of time though because then we can understand how we want things to be but waiting for a large amount of time doesn’t take us anywhere in life.

It is hard to get what we are looking for in life and there are struggles that follow us too. Every stage in life is like a challenge and so are with the opportunities because opportunities don’t come quickly to us. We have to open our eyes to different opportunities and then also try what knocks at our door! Remember searching and waiting for a long time doesn’t make us move forward in life. We humans find it difficult to accept this reality and agree with it.

Keys to Freedom

What does freedom to you all mean?

Everyone has his or her description of freedom that has an impact on their lives.

In my opinion, I think freedom should be allowed and given to each individual in today’s generation because it is important so that people won’t feel that they stuck in between whether in things or with others around them.

Freedom is a way to access independence and do things at our own styles and ways that make us feel that we are not relying on people at all.

I have created a short poem on keys to freedom that will give you all a different perspective of the word, freedom.

Keys to Freedom

Freedom is something that needed for everyone in life because everyone deserves to have space in their life.

We are lucky that we get to choose our own freedom for us, and we decide how to go with it.

Life throws us different opportunities and we have the ability to make our own wise decisions for it.

Success in our life leads to the freedom of happiness.

Freedom is needed to achieve our dreams and wishes sparkle out brightly!

These are some points about freedom which I have highlighted in a short poem which will tell the main purpose of freedom in our lives!

Moral of the story is that freedom is important because it makes everyone feels that they have their own space to do anything just the way they love to!

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Planning & Time Management

In this hectic lifestyle, we need planning and time management of several things around us and for us. These steps are needed in life to make our whole life more meaningful in an interesting way!

Planning beforehand is easy for us and it reduces tension too. For example, if you know that you are travelling on a certain day, you must do your packing before so that you won’t forget the important things to take with you. Planning involves thinking and trying to fulfill a specific task.

On the other hand, time management is something that we need to consider in order to do things for others and for us as well. Being organized for certain tasks and things is important for us because we would know how to handle different situations in life when there comes an unexpected one.

These are two elements that can be blended together like milk and sugar because without them we can’t decide how and when we can do things just the way we want.

It takes a period of time to acknowledge how planning and time management works together. Planning for great things come with a good management of time. Planning is essential for everything we do and the most vital is that we should value the time too because without the right time, nothing is possible for everyone!

I suggest that everyone should plan everything out and set things concerning time management because if we don’t do that, then we won’t be successful in reaching out our desires!

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Truth or dare which will You Choose?

This is a game that people play with their friends and family often. The game is played with a bottle. This game gives us the opportunity to reveal several secretive truths about our family and friends.

Most people are brave to choose to dare when given the option between truth or dare to choose from because they are being challenged by others! These people are great champions when given a dare to do. They act like they can perform anything from anyone which gives a command but in reality, these people are scared.

On the other hand, there are people who choose truth between dare, and they are honest in telling everyone whatever their friends have asked to.

Everyone enjoys this game, and it is a great way to spend time with family and friends in parties.

Life is a game, and we are living in this world and doing our jobs and we all are in some point in time are not being truthful as we are supposed to be doing for our personal purposes. We should always speak the truth but sometimes our circumstances won’t let us do that.

I believe that this game teaches us life lessons and helps us overcome our fears too. When a person does something out of her or his comfort zone, they realize their importance of everything. Being truthful is easy but doing a dare is difficult at times because we don’t know what someone might ask us to do so.

There are challenges and risks in this game and similarly, our life is full of obstacles that we have to pass through each obstacle and find the best solution which makes us live our life in an exciting way!

Never be afraid of choosing the dare option because it will encourage you in a better way!

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Everyone Has a Talent in this World!

These days, everyone has a talent to show, and they are talented in some way or the other! Some people are aware of their talents, and some are hidden from them that they can’t see how they are brilliant in things.

There are people around the world who doesn’t respect others’ talents and they make fun of these people as well. These people don’t value these talented people when it comes to their dream to be fulfilled. People should give chances to youngsters to know their worth and value also. Everyone should encourage and motivate these people to show their talents because they can achieve great things in their lives. Some people don’t understand a person’s skills and they pass their own judgements to them without thinking what these comments can do to a person. These judgements from people makes a person hurt so much that the person feels that he or she is good for nothing.

We should never criticize a person for his or her talents in fact we should treat them with a positive attitude. There is no one that is not capable of doing and proving themselves in this world out here! We should watch out for these talented people and be amazed to see their hidden and secretive talents! Create new talents in this world and make people look at you like they have never seen such as a person like you!

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The Power of Words!

SPOKEN WORDS-Powers and effects in our LIFE. - Mirror of Life Secrets

Our words define the kind of a human being who we are, and they view our personality too. Words are so powerful that they can appreciate others and hurt them also.

Sometimes, words are few to express how we feel about certain things! In reality, we need words to communicate with others and share our feelings too.

There are several ways to talk to our loved ones in these modern times such as through an email and WhatsApp. We are lucky that we have these ways of communication in our lives that makes it so simple for all of us.

Words are important in our lives and for all kinds of relationships too! Words are hard and soft, and it all depends on the way how we all speak out! Relationships work out by having great communication skills between people. It is vital to think twice before we speak our words out to others because once we did, we can’t take the words back similarly, just like a stamp on a paper.

The power of words determines our actions to such situations whether in happy times and sad times. We act to such situations by listening to peoples’ words.

Several languages are in this world, and we are fortunate that we can speak and write in them by learning. Every language teaches us many words that has a great impact on us throughout in our lives! Some words of certain language are too funny that we just cannot forget them no matter what!

Finally, words are a great source of delivering our messages to our audience as well.

Age is Just a Number!

How many of you all agree with me that age is just a number?

We have several desires, dreams, and goals that we want to achieve and reach at the top of sky! We should accomplish them without thinking at what age we are because ambitions have no age limits! Are you all nodding your heads or not?

Life is like a sea and so are our wishes they don’t have an end! We should have the opportunity to fulfill them at any cost and we should not have regrets that we didn’t try just because we became older. Several people leave doing the things which they love the most because they think they are younger or older for their age. I believe that we must do what we enjoy the most at the present time not in future because sometimes there will challenges and obstacles which will bother us at that moment. What do you all think about this?

There is no one running around us telling us what we need to do or not! We are in charge of everything for ourselves and we should decide what will be the best for us. We shouldn’t listen to peoples’ comments and judgements for us about our matters regarding age!

Age is just a number, and I am just reminding you all that whatever we think and expect from life is a way to obtain everything that we hope, and we should remember that any age is not the end of our accomplishments in our entire life!

Just the Way I think about Age.

A= stands for achieving the best in our lives!

G= stands for getting motivated for everything.

E= stands for evaluating our success at any time!

Don't Let Age Hold You Back From Achieving Your Dreams | by Clarice Lin |  Mindful Entrepreneurship | Medium

A Bundle of Exciting Surprises in Life!🎁🎉🥳😲😳

Who doesn’t love surprises in this world? We all admire surprises including adults and children. Surprises create suspense atmosphere for us, and we keep thinking about it till the end until we get the surprise from our loved ones! Sometimes, an unwanted news of something gives us a shock of life that is not unexplainable in words! The moment of that time captures great memories for us that can’t be forgettable forever.

Life gives us surprises which are awful and great. Surprises knock at our door, and they make us happier and feel out of the world at times! There are several situations in life that make us wonder about how we can make a great living and not get bored from them. Receiving small, unexpected gifts or news can change our attitudes and behaviors as well.

Surprises are like magic that spreads positive vibes all over in our lives! Small gestures from our relatives and friends even from strangers make us smile and they do which we can’t even imagine! A bundle of surprises in life is good to be experiencing because it is a pleasant feeling to be endure.

Never stop expecting surprises in life because we don’t know what it brings us! Surprises are a way to live life in an interesting manner and to have fun with it. We are lucky that we have family and friends to give surprises to each other! Surprises build joy and thrill in our lives!

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An Urge to Cry Out as Loud as We Want to!

What do you think while crying out loud? We are not in a state of being aware of anything when we cry, and we don’t know how to control ourselves while crying out loud. Crying comes naturally within us because our emotions get piles up inside us that it is so difficult to breathe for us, and in this case, we just start to cry when we can’t handle any more stress!

I believe that crying helps us to relax, and we feel a lot better after we are done crying. Some people are great in hiding their tears, and some people are not. Things don’t get solved though by crying but it changes our moods.

There are two types of crying which are crying in happiness and crying in sorrow. These two types are vital in life I think so because it is a way to express out our feelings for different occasions too.

As humans we are so emotional that we need crying to help out release different kinds of emotions. Some people think that crying makes us weak as a person especially men that is why they don’t cry, but crying is a way to help feel better.

Overall, we should cry because it is a great way to release our burden from our body and mind. Sometimes, we keep things inside us which makes us feel sick and we tend to feel suffocated as well and in order to not get that type of feeling, we should all cry out as much as we want to! Remember crying is not a weak sign always!

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