Why is it Hard for us to Make Decisions?

Decisions are not made easily especially big ones. There comes a point in life where decision making gets harder for all of us because we don’t understand what can be best for us? Things become complicated when we grow older and wiser.

Decisions are small steps that we take to achieve big goals! Sometimes, there are several choices laid in front of us that we get confused what to pick out and make a correct decision for ourselves! Our mind gets distracted because there are circumstances which doesn’t allow us to take the right decision! Decisions are difficult to make because we have to think critically whether our conclusion will be right or wrong.

We are in a state that we find to take decisions hard because we don’t know where it leads us and whether this decision will change our life in a positive way or not. So, decisions should be made with a peace of mind and with patience as well. Often times, decisions that are made in hurry are usually not successful.

Every decision that we take should come out from our mind and heart because then we feel satisfied and happy too!

What I learned today: Beware confirmation bias – and why decision-making is  getting harder - Terri Paddock

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