A Connection Between a Brain and Heart!

We have a connection between our brain and heart that is the reason why we make choices this way. Sometimes, we have to make choices logically than from our heart because it is rare that we take from both. There are several situations which makes us think that taking a decision from our heart is not practical at all. So, we have to avoid taking a decision from heart, but we can’t forget that our brain and heart are connected in a way that it is difficult to take a firm decision from our heart only. Why do we like to take decisions from our heart and why can’t we make the right decision for ourselves or for others? Things become out of focus when we can’t understand that our brain is right, or our heart is!

Life is complicated and so are we because we can’t decide what is the best solution for us at times. There should be a way to guide us how to handle such situations and make the best choice possible.

Sometimes, we get stuck up between our brain and heart because they give us two different responses. We find it difficult to choose from and in this way our precious time gets wasted also! Some decisions can be taken from our heart, and they are successful, and some can’t be taken at all.

How can we overcome this and take and make the best choices for others and for us involving our brain and heart?

5 tips that will help us decide what is right for us to do!

  • Give a thought and time to make choices and decisions.
  • Think of all options before you decide and commit.
  • Ask for advice from your loved ones.
  • Don’t assume that every decision you make will be the best.
  • Don’t ponder a lot around with your decision once you have taken.

Our brain and heart work together that it is no doubt, but it is hard to decide to who to listen to at times. We are in a dilemma that we can’t comprehend what is the best solution for others and for us in difficult situations!


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