An Urge to Cry Out as Loud as We Want to!

What do you think while crying out loud? We are not in a state of being aware of anything when we cry, and we don’t know how to control ourselves while crying out loud. Crying comes naturally within us because our emotions get piles up inside us that it is so difficult to breathe for us, and in this case, we just start to cry when we can’t handle any more stress!

I believe that crying helps us to relax, and we feel a lot better after we are done crying. Some people are great in hiding their tears, and some people are not. Things don’t get solved though by crying but it changes our moods.

There are two types of crying which are crying in happiness and crying in sorrow. These two types are vital in life I think so because it is a way to express out our feelings for different occasions too.

As humans we are so emotional that we need crying to help out release different kinds of emotions. Some people think that crying makes us weak as a person especially men that is why they don’t cry, but crying is a way to help feel better.

Overall, we should cry because it is a great way to release our burden from our body and mind. Sometimes, we keep things inside us which makes us feel sick and we tend to feel suffocated as well and in order to not get that type of feeling, we should all cry out as much as we want to! Remember crying is not a weak sign always!

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