Lovely Babies!

Everyone loves babies because they are cute and lovely. They are a great blessing in this world. A new life begins when you become a mother. Things change when a new baby is born.

Life changes when babies come in this world by bringing lots of joy. A mother cares for her babies. She brings lots of toys and teddy bears. Her love is pure and true, and she believes that she can be a great mother.


Jai Mata Di

Life is full of tests and puzzles that are hard to solve by yourself. Sometimes, it is hard to control our emotions because people around me don’t understand me at all. It is complicated to understand our lives because God as in Mata Rani because I am a Hindu doesn’t give me answers to my questions.

I ask people in this world that do they believe in God? It is so difficult to know that God exists in this globe.

In my experience, I went with my family to a temple called Vaishno Devi when I was a child, and it was a great and wonderful journey and I wish to go again soon.

There are several ways that we can achieve things in our life. One way to accomplish the dreams and goals is to believe and to not get frightened if something doesn’t get solve the way you want but don’t give up hope until it’s done.

Life is cheerful and enjoyable when we receive lots of happiness and unexpected guests!

Is There Anything Called True Love?

How many people believe in true love? Life is full of sorrow from true love because there are certain people who give us sadness for their own reasons. They are desperate to love but they don’t show their true feelings and hide their identity from the world.

Do you all believe in true love? Life is complicated when we are in love, we can’t understand what is going on? There should be a cure for this illness, but science hasn’t found any cure. True love is difficult to get, some are lucky, and some are unfortunate, some people are mean, and they are jealous of others.

What is the meaning of true love to you all?

In my opinion, true love is important for life. I think love marriage should be fixed rather than arranged because then there won’t be many fights in the relationships.

Some people hate true love stories, but they don’t realize that they love their true love more than from their own lives! THEY CAN DIE IF THEY DON’T FIND TRUE LOVE IN THE FORM OF A REAL PERSON.

Why did God create true love in the world, what was He thinking? He was not wearing glasses😀.

Life is hard without any true love from a person who loves you the most out of everyone in the world.

I want God to prove that true love exists in the world and show that true love never dies!

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Time is Priceless!

Cherish every moment with our loved ones in this world. Time will never come back. We should enjoy each moment with each other. We might not know what tomorrow brings us. Life plays games with us.

Your Time Is Priceless: Do You Treat it That Way? - Pick the Brain |  Motivation and Self ImprovementPick the Brain | Motivation and Self  Improvement

Time is priceless!

Hard Work Pays off Always!

People who are determined with all their dreams and goals are going to accomplish them. They should work hard to succeed them. Others are not willing to have their wishes come true and they are lazy, and they just wait for the right time.

Life is challenging and it is difficult to understand. It is a riddle that is not so easy to solve. Several people are busy in their lives that they don’t have time for their children and everyone else.

We are lucky that we all have well-wishers who are beside us protecting us always. There are there for them always.

People will succeed one day because they have faith, and this faith makes all things possible. Hard work and faith are the two most important ingredients that makes life sweet and tangy. Keep up your hard work and your strong spirts high up.

Dreams and wishes do come true, but it takes patience and time, and we should wait for the appropriate time to receive a bundle of joy.

Dustin Lynch - Hard work always pays off, whatever you do.