Ways to Decrease Poverty!

Poverty is a topic that is going around the world for many years now! For example, in Africa and some parts of India, several people are dying because they don’t have enough to eat and drink! Several people in these two countries are suffering because they can’t get the right education which they require.

I feel sad seeing these people suffer like that and I wish that I could help them in any way I could! Africa is a poor country, and there are small children that are dying because of lack of food and water. There has to be a way where we can aid these types of people and get them what they need.

As time passes by, poverty increases day by day and we are not able to do anything about it! We should try our best to do something for these people in Africa and India as well. We should give charity to them and organize some events which will make the people feel happier and put a smile on their faces too.

Ways To Help Them:

  • Distribute food & water.
  • Send clothes to them for free so they will be warm enough!
  • Give all the children school’s uniforms for free so that they could go to school.
  • These people don’t have to worry about school’s fees, we will take care of it.
  • Hire people for work so that these people can feed their families!
  • Organize events for all children where they can be entertained.

These are some of the ways that I think where we can reduce some poverty in these countries which are Africa and India!


Reflection on a Course!

Recently, I have completed an online course named English for Journalism from Coursera. English for Journalism is a great course who want to improve their language skills and know about journalism too!

I have learned several useful tips in this course which will help me in writing great articles! English punctuation, grammar, and spelling are important elements that makes a good journalist and a writer as well! This course has assignments, games, quizzes, and readings too. It is a 5-week course, but I have finished in about 4 weeks!

I’m glad that I did this course because I found it interesting and knowledgeable at the same time. It feels great receiving a certificate too!

Learning something new is fun always and it is a lovely experience also!

Now, times have been changed and learning has become easy, since everything is online; we can educate ourselves just by sitting at home!

Fighting for Our Rights!

We all have rights to do anything that we want to in our life.

However, there are some things that we don’t have rights to do, but we should fight for them always no matter how hard they are!

Here are 7 rights that I am sharing with you all:

  • Women should be encouraged to do everything too!
  • Ladies should be treated fairly just like men!
  • Girls should be allowed to speak up and give their opinions about everything they see and hear.
  • Men women should be respectful to each other in their workplaces.
  • Each individual has the right to live his or her life as they would wish to!
  • Never underestimate a woman’s capabilities or challenge them!
  • Women are capable to make all wise decisions about everything no matter for their careers and personal lives!

These are my 7 rights that I think that we should all fight for and make changes to so that no one will stop us from getting our rights!

Equality in Genders!

There are some people in our society that differentiate in genders meaning they give more rights to men than they do for women! This happens in small towns where people are not educated like us. For example, many girls are not being educated in small cities of India because their parents think that girls are supposed to not go to school rather, they should get married while the boys should be educated and become something in their life.

I hate it when these people don’t treat the girls the same way as they do to boys! I strongly believe that both should be treated equally, and with full respect no matter what the gender is it and where does they come from?

From time to time, there are people who are changing and supporting their daughters and allowing them to do what they want in their lives. Slowly, they are adapting to the modern world and giving girls more freedom and rights!

In the 21st century, men and women are equal in everything they do! In fact, women have achieved more success than men! They are competing with each other! Women can do everything which men can!

Never doubt women’s abilities from men’s abilities because they both create wonders in the world!

Equality in genders is important because both men and women are hardworking, and they both can be successful in life when they set their minds to it!