A Bag Full of Sacrifices!

What comes in mind when you hear the word, sacrifice? I am sure you all understand the meaning of this word. I am creating a new definition of this word which will help all my blogger friends to get a new way of acknowledging this word better!

Here is my creation of sacrifice which defines the word itself.


S= Sweet way of showing how to care for others!

A= Always ready to give up your happiness for everyone.

C= Concerning to help others to brawl their battles!

R= Rescuing when family and friends are in danger not thinking about their health.

I= Intelligent ways of dealing with giving up what you love the most!

F= Fighting and struggling all your life.

I= Irritating attitude of trying to be happy always!

C= Couldn’t forget the things which they abandoned!

E= Ending an old chapter of love life to begin a new one!

This is my way of making my blogger friends comprehend a new meaning of the word! A bag full of sacrifices is the title because this bag explains everything what the word signifies and has an impact on others!



Promises are commitments made to not reveal somebody’s secrets to anyone else. When somebody makes a promise to someone, he or she trusts that person completely.

Promises are important in our lives because they teach us how to trust someone and they make us understand the relationships between people. Promises are like small favors that people do for others. They know that if they break others promises, these people will never trust them anymore. Sometimes, a person doesn’t understand what he or she can do because they don’t want their friends/family to get angry if they reveal anything. Promises make people come closer if they don’t break their promises! These people tend to believe them more if they see that their family can keep their promises! They have somebody to share their secrets if they see the person reliable. Life is difficult because several people think that they are no people that can fulfill their promises on time. Suppose when the right time comes to fulfill a promise they step back from their word! These people forget what they had promise to a certain person and when that happens, they feel sad. It is like they have lost everything and couldn’t handle the issue well.

Overall, promises are small favors that people make for others to keep their secrets. These promises are vital because they help us form good relationships with others. We should not break others’ trust by not breaking their promises! It hurts when somebody breaks a promise and people cannot forgive them at all. These people won’t be able to believe them once again!

Promises made to each other!

Careers are Vital in Life!

Careers are important in life because they build our future. Several people choose different paths in their lives to achieve their dreams and goals. Having a career is the most crucial thing nowadays. Everyone is building their careers by working hard. In this modern and technology world, every person tries to focus on their career than other things. People are fighting the battle of getting a great job these days! It is hard to find a good job that matches our requirements. The struggle towards making good careers is challenging and tough where people are helpless because they can’t improve their careers.

Every stage in our lives is difficult whether it is starting school or finding a job. When we were young, our parents thought about us, and they made every decision too. As time passes, we grow older and start thinking about our career.

We want everything to be the best for us whether it is finding a job or a relationship. Careers are the staircase for every person because they climb up to reach their victory. Jobs are necessary in our lives after we graduate from college, because then we can apply whatever we learned in real life. We should focus on making best careers because then we can have a good identity and we can stand on our feet. Jobs are difficult to get these days because the competition is tough. All people are extraordinary, and they have learned many things but are still brawling to get a good job. Why can’t we get good jobs if we graduate from the best colleges? This question arises from many people these days and they get depressed and hopeless too. This is ongoing topic in this world because everyone is going through the same process these days.

Careers are important and everyone should get an opportunity to show their talents out here. Jobs should be given by seeing a person’s capabilities not by some competition. Once people build their careers, they are happy to celebrate their success!

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Different Kinds of Temples but the Destinations are One!

There are different kinds of places of worship around the world. There are many religions too and we have a diversity of cultures also. People around the world travel to religious places to pray to God for their good health, for their safety, and for their wealth. These temples are different, but the destinations are one. It is truly amazing that we have various temples for each one of us such as churches, mandirs, and mosques. God is one, but the directions are several that make the ways combined to one.

Churches are holy places for Christians to worship Jesus. There are churches everywhere around the world. Christians believes in Jesus who is their God. Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday. They keep 40 days fast before Easter comes every year. Christians are baptized once.

Mandirs are worship locations for Hindus. There are several Mandirs for Hindus in India. In Hindu religion, there are handful of Gods, such as Mata Rani, and Sai Baba. Hindus celebrate Diwali, Holi, and Navaratri which is also called Durga Pooja that occurs twice every year. Navaratri is a festival where they fast for 9 days. They shouldn’t eat garlic, onion, and nonveg. Every Hindu follows this for 9 days.

Mosques are devotion places for Muslims. Mosques are everywhere where Muslims are. There are 5 daily prayers. Every Muslim goes for Hajj in Mecca that is in Saudi Arabia which is mandatory once in their lifetime. Ramadan is a biggest festival for them where they fast for a month. The fast is hard where they don’t drink and eat for hours. They break their fast in evenings around 5pm or 6pm. After Ramadan comes Eid, where the fasting finishes and they celebrate by wearing new clothes and they get money.

As in the conclusion to this, these are the holy places which every Christian, a Hindus, and a Muslim goes to worship their God. God is one but there are several directions that people follow. God doesn’t differentiate between people but there are lots of people that is the reason He divided us into different religions to worship Him.

Every Opinion Counts and Matters!

Opinions are personal ideas that people have for others. All opinions are different and should be taken into concentration. Life is a beautiful journey and people have the right to share their opinions with others. There are people who don’t like to give opinions because they are scared because some people will feel awful if they do so. Opinions are important and they have a special meaning in our lives.

Our lives are based on facts and opinions. Everyone believes on facts more than opinions. I am not opposing on facts, but I personally think that opinions hold a great value too.

Sometimes, an opinion changes a person’s viewpoints on several things. Every opinion counts and matters in this world, and we should raise our voices to form an opinion. There should be speeches held for speaking out our opinions where everyone listens to them. All people have different viewpoints, but they should not be afraid to reach out their ideas to others. So, people should be brave enough to speak out in this world. I suggest that we should all have the right to give opinions in this world and get a positive feedback too. Life is running out if you all don’t speak about how you feel about things! Opinions are vital and without them I think that we can’t understand some things if we are confused. They make us clear some things out and have a better perspective in our lives!