Thanksgiving! 🙏🙏🏻🙏🙏🏻

Thanksgiving comes every year around the world. This year Thanksgiving is on November 28, 2019, in the United States of America. Americans celebrate this occasion in a grand way. They keep a special Thanksgiving dinner where they cook turkey and be thankful for what they have in their lives! Americans love to gather around with their families.

I am going to discuss about what I am thankful for in life:

I am thankful for getting the things I want in life. I am grateful that I have a wonderful family and a sister who takes care of me well. Earned a great education at Universal American School in Kuwait. Attended Gulf University for Science and Technology to obtain a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. I am thankful for this because I can pursue my career and lead myself to a better place in this world.

Words 🆎 describing Thanksgiving:

Trustful, Honest, Awesome, Natural, Kindness, Sensitive, Generous, Intelligent, Vivid, Intend, Night, Glassy.


My Lovely Dadi:) Grandmother! ❤️😘

My Dadi❤️💙💚💛🧡

I adore my Dadi a lot and I have several beautiful memories with her. My Dadi used to pamper me a lot whenever I went for summer vacations in New Delhi, India. She used to keep telling me to never stay hunger and to eat a rich diet always. This is your period that you should be eating because you are young, and you can digest easily now then later.  Dadi gave an example of her that when she was my age, she was eating like she did not care of becoming fat at all! In my Dadi’s childhood, eating and playing was everything in her time.

My Dadi and I have slept together in almost every vacation. She gave me massages on my hair so that I could have a good night sleep. When I was little, my Dadi and I used to have a fun time together. I sat in her lap, and she used to swing me around. I really love my Dadi, and I used to keep kissing her and expressing all my love to her.

Dadi was a helpful and a caring person. She used to wake up early mornings and have her shower then she used to pray in her bedroom prayer room for hours. While praying, she dozed off often, but she never stopped prayer for a second. She was fully devoted to God, she used to feed all the meals to God first and afterwards she used to eat.  Every morning, my Dadi sent some fresh fruits to temple as a token for a blessing.

From last past few years, Dadi got ill, and she had to go through a pacemaker surgery. This surgery made her weak physically. She was required to have attendants to help her out with all her daily routine chores. Her attendants were kind and well trained because they knew how to handle Dadi with care and affection. They made sure that my Dadi was given food and medicine on the right time.

On the other hand, my Dadi was courageous because she did not give up and her willpower was very strong too. She was brave enough to survive despite of being in the ICU for five times.  As time passed by, Dadi’s condition became serious. Dadi became weaker and weaker. She could not walk very well and got tired fast. She could not chew properly because her mouth had pimples, so she was given her meals in a blended form.  My Dadi was enthusiastic and keen to get well so she did not give up hope and she survived this state for 2 years.  She loved to follow her exercise routine. She used to exercise for three times during the whole day, so she was improving from time to time, and she started to walk and eat well again.

There occurred a time when Dadi became ill once again, and she was too critical. All doctors were giving different opinions about her. Some said she will not make it, and some said she will be fine, just stay positive. I was really worried for Dadi because every time she went in the ICU my heart just sank and I felt that she will be going far away from me. When I went to see her in the hospital, I was really trying from holding back my tears. I just could not see her in that condition at that moment of time. She stayed in hospital for a long time, she improved, and she got worse too. My Dadi was so strong that she fought her battle very eagerly. When every organ in her body gave up, she was still fighting with herself to get well again. Unfortunately, when Dadi could not handle it anymore she gave up. She had a cardiac arrest. I wished I had spent more time living with my Dadi. I thought whenever we settle back to New Delhi, I will have lots of time to be with her but unfortunately some things do not turn out to be as we had planned.

When I got the awful news of my Dadi death, I was shocked, and my heart sank. It was in the morning when the sorrowful news was transmitted through the telephone. I thought I was having an unpleasant dream and soon it would collapse. It was a bitter truth that could not be folded. When my Dadi’s dead body came home from the hospital, I started weeping within myself. Afterwards, I went close to my Dadi’s body to greet and touch her for one last time. I placed a garland on her; I just exploded with tears in my eyes. All her memories came to me briefly!

Well now here I am in India, and we have different rituals and customs that we must follow in our Indian culture when a person dies!  This was all new to me because I had never witnessed the customs of performing this kind of a prayer! We had to make lots of preparations for this prayer from day one.  We kept a prayer for my Dadi for five days because she can live peacefully wherever she goes in her next birth. This five-day prayer was followed by one big prayer. This major prayer is for the last and it is done in a grand way on the final day of prayer proceeded by lunch.

Whenever I go into my Dadi’s bedroom, all her wonderful memories come as a flashback to me, and I cannot hold back my tears. I miss her a lot. It is hard to believe that she is no more. Dadi’s bedroom feels really empty without her being there because Dadi used to spend most of her time in her chamber. I feel that I am dreaming, and this cannot be the truth. It feels that my Dadi is here, and she is with me all the time. She is not physically here but mentally she is with me all the time. Dadi is in my heart always!

Life is very unpredictable; we do not know what life throws at us each moment. Time is just a change of a blink of an eye, and it will not return the same way again. We should spend each moment with our relatives and loved ones like there is no tomorrow! My Dadi was everything to me and she will be there for me always. One thought occurs to me all the time, what happens to the person who dies and where does that person go from there? I have lots of her memories which will put a smile on my face, and it will make me laugh too! Please do not waste your time before it runs out of your hands, spend your precious time with your grandparents because you would never realize that how soon the time passed away from you. You should not have a regret for not spending time with your loved ones for rest of your life before the time gets too late for you to realize it!