The Importance of Friends!

Friends are important in our lives to share happiness, sorrow, and success! They are like strong pillars that stand tall during our thick and thin times.

Three Facts about Friends

1. Friends are special in our lives, and we are lucky that we have them!

2. They understand us very much and they help us in every way they could!

3. We can keep secrets from our friends knowing that they won’t break our promise of telling others about them!

I have created an acronym for friends.

F- Friendship is that which lasts forever in our hearts.

R- Real and great buddies are hard to find!

I- It feels lonely without friends.

E- Everyone deserves to have true friends.

N- Never take your friends for granted!

D- Don’t hurt them for any reason!

S- Supporting your friends is a great way to show your concern!


Listening to Our Heart!

Several times, we forget to listen to our heart, and we go with our mind when we want to decide.

Listening to our heart is important because it helps us to guide in the right way as we want in life. It is hard to listen to our heart sometimes because our mind and heart don’t think alike.

We want to listen to our heart always, but we can’t do it always especially when we know that something is not good for us.

Listening to our heart is like listening to a song where everything seems right,

Just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fixed in the right place,

No matter what situations come up in our life,

We never forget to make decisions from our heart,

Rather than our mind,

Why do we end up listening to our heart always?

This is a question that we don’t have any answer to,

We are in dilemma, and we don’t know what to do,

The battle of heart and mind continues,

It never stops just like the time on a clock!

Living with Pain!

Most of times, we are living with pain in life,

Our pain pricks just like a needle does to a finger,

There are moments which gives us sorrows that we can’t bear,

Feeling helpless all the time,

It is not easy living with pain,

Sometimes, life hurts us so badly that our pain turns into tears,

It is difficult to control our emotions and,

We begin to fall apart into pieces just like a glass breaks,

Our heart feels suffocated too,

Yet, we want to believe that one day the pain will vanish away from our lives completely!