Listening to Our Heart!

Several times, we forget to listen to our heart, and we go with our mind when we want to decide.

Listening to our heart is important because it helps us to guide in the right way as we want in life. It is hard to listen to our heart sometimes because our mind and heart don’t think alike.

We want to listen to our heart always, but we can’t do it always especially when we know that something is not good for us.

Listening to our heart is like listening to a song where everything seems right,

Just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fixed in the right place,

No matter what situations come up in our life,

We never forget to make decisions from our heart,

Rather than our mind,

Why do we end up listening to our heart always?

This is a question that we don’t have any answer to,

We are in dilemma, and we don’t know what to do,

The battle of heart and mind continues,

It never stops just like the time on a clock!


2 Replies to “Listening to Our Heart!”

  1. I understand that eternal battle you speak of, between heart and mind. At different times in my life I have concentrated on one over the other, often trying to include them both in a genius coalition which leads mostly to my pleasure (just with some few restrictions and tempering to give a small victory to my more logical, straight-down-the-line side).
    It’s a real adventure being yourself – and hopefully finding out more about exactly what yourself is!
    Thanks for this post mate, a cool wind on a warm day.

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