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Introducing Myself 🙂

Hi, my dear and wonderful friends! This is Richa Soni, and I have started writing a blog recently. The articles in this blog are about all the things that have an impact on a lifestyle. My goal for the blog is that I want to encourage readers and friends to read my articles & learn new things that will be beneficial for them!

I come from the capital of India which is New Delhi and I love my hometown very much! Currently, I am living in Kuwait.

In the year 2018, I have obtained a degree in Mass Communication from Gulf University for Science and Technology that locates in Kuwait.

Some interesting FACTS about me😃‼️

  • I love taking risks in life.
  • Enjoy going on a hot air balloon ride & paragliding as well!
  • Family and friends are important to me.
  • Spending some quality time in New Delhi, India with my lovely relatives there!
  • Watching Bollywood movies in cinema.

Hope you all enjoy reading my articles just as much as I ENJOY WRITING THEM!

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