The Importance of Friends!

Friends are important in our lives to share happiness, sorrow, and success! They are like strong pillars that stand tall during our thick and thin times.

Three Facts about Friends

1. Friends are special in our lives, and we are lucky that we have them!

2. They understand us very much and they help us in every way they could!

3. We can keep secrets from our friends knowing that they won’t break our promise of telling others about them!

I have created an acronym for friends.

F- Friendship is that which lasts forever in our hearts.

R- Real and great buddies are hard to find!

I- It feels lonely without friends.

E- Everyone deserves to have true friends.

N- Never take your friends for granted!

D- Don’t hurt them for any reason!

S- Supporting your friends is a great way to show your concern!


Listening to Our Heart!

Several times, we forget to listen to our heart, and we go with our mind when we want to decide.

Listening to our heart is important because it helps us to guide in the right way as we want in life. It is hard to listen to our heart sometimes because our mind and heart don’t think alike.

We want to listen to our heart always, but we can’t do it always especially when we know that something is not good for us.

Listening to our heart is like listening to a song where everything seems right,

Just like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle fixed in the right place,

No matter what situations come up in our life,

We never forget to make decisions from our heart,

Rather than our mind,

Why do we end up listening to our heart always?

This is a question that we don’t have any answer to,

We are in dilemma, and we don’t know what to do,

The battle of heart and mind continues,

It never stops just like the time on a clock!

Living with Pain!

Most of times, we are living with pain in life,

Our pain pricks just like a needle does to a finger,

There are moments which gives us sorrows that we can’t bear,

Feeling helpless all the time,

It is not easy living with pain,

Sometimes, life hurts us so badly that our pain turns into tears,

It is difficult to control our emotions and,

We begin to fall apart into pieces just like a glass breaks,

Our heart feels suffocated too,

Yet, we want to believe that one day the pain will vanish away from our lives completely!

Never Do ABC’s

There are 3 powerful words that we should not use for anyone in life which are ABUSE, BLAME, and CURSE. These words spread negativity around us, and they destroy relationships too.

Never abuse, blame, and curse anyone in life because life is short to act this way. If you want people to treat you with respect, then you should treat them too in the same sequence. We should think twice before speaking because these words can hurt someone’s feelings and emotions.

Often times, our upbringing plays a great role for us because we are taught several things that would help us live a better life. So, when we are young, it is important to teach us how to become a good human being.

3 Powerful ABC’s

  • Don’t abuse anyone in life.
  • Don’t blame someone without any valid reason.
  • Don’t curse anyone just because you don’t like them.

Remember, we should try to become a good human being and spread happiness, laughter, and love to others and not hatred & jealousy around.

Every Problem has a Solution!

There are several problems that come in life that we think that we don’t have solutions to, but we forget that there are solutions for them, but we don’t see them fast.

Every problem comes with a solution believe it or not,

No matter what life throws at us,

How many challenges show up in life,

We should face our struggles strongly,

Crying for our problems is not a great solution,

Giving up is not an option either,

Every battle makes us bold and wise when we win it,

Remember, God gives problems with solutions to us always,

We just need to see them clearly,

With our eyes open!

Competition Rises Higher!

There is competition going on in the world where everyone is competing to become number one in their lives. Many hardworking individuals who want to achieve their dreams and goals, so they are putting all their efforts to become successful.

Everything in life requires hard work and patience and with the competition rising up, people are getting encouraged to do something and get recognized too!

Competition makes us see how the world is becoming more advanced and people are doing great things in their life. There is competition for everything now.

We should try to learn from the rising competition that we can do several things for ourselves too rather than becoming jealous of others and just sitting idle.

It is hard to believe what the people are capable of doing these days! It seems that nothing is impossible for them, and they will reach at the top of the sky!

Follow your ambitions then see how you become part of the rising competition too. Don’t give up thinking that you don’t fit in the competition!

Our Karmas!

In Hinduism we believe in karmas meaning we get what we deserve according to what we did in our past lives. If we did good, we will get a great life but if we performed bad, we will not have a good life. It is said that what goes around, that comes around too. Isn’t it true?

We should try to do our level best in doing good for others and ourselves to. We don’t want to get a life again where we are not happy with it, and for that we should make sure to do good things in the world. We should clear all our negativity and spread positivity so that we can live in a healthy atmosphere!

Our karmas will take us ahead in the next life, so they are important. What we do in this life will come back to us in our next life. So, we must watch out what we are doing and perform good deeds as well. Think twice before doing anything wrong to others because that will spoil your karmas too.

Karmas are like a mystery because it is difficult to know about them. We as human beings only know about our lives that we are living at the present. We all blame our karmas for everything, but we don’t know if we are doing the right thing or not? Instead we shouldn’t do this at all.

The best thing to do is to treat everyone with respect the same way as you want others to treat you and never do anything wrong in life that will give you a chance of being an enemy to others. Don’t do something that can’t be fixed at all. Remember always our karmas play a huge role in our lives!

Stop Complaining!

We complain several things in life about the things that we don’t have or want but we forget to be thankful for what we have always. We should be grateful because we are lucky that we have everything that we need because some people don’t have half of that which we have. We shouldn’t get depressed if we didn’t get what we desire at times because they were not meant for us.

Complaining about small things won’t get us anywhere in life we should be pleased and feel blessed for every little thing that we have.

Life is short and if you keep nagging all the time, you won’t be satisfied, and you will end up being sad too.

So stop complaining and start accepting your life as it is because when you do that you will feel a change in you, and you will be a happy person. Look at things that bring you joy instead of sorrow.

The mantra for stop complaining is to begin doing affirmations everyday which will release all your negative energy and you will feel peaceful.

Expressing out Love!

We should learn how to express love for everyone to show our feelings and emotions,

There are no special moments to tell someone how much you love them,

Showing care and concerns to our relatives is important in all the relationships,

Our connection with our loved ones becomes stronger when we do that,

Love fills up everything in our lives and there is no space for hate,

Expressing out love heals,

While expressing out hate destroys,

Loving and hating are like sugar & salt and if we have excess of these,

Lives becomes unbalance,

Time is precious in our lives, and we should all communicate with love and peace!

Talk with Wisdom!

We should speak with wisdom in our surroundings so that the society treats us with respect. We should never say anything that we aren’t sure of something which leads us into trouble.

Some matters are personal, and they require us to stay out and not interfere at all. There are few people that love to talk in matters which are not theirs and they make a big deal about them.

I have come up with a new meaning for this phrase Talk with Wisdom!

T- Talk with always knowing the truth,

A- Accept that no one wants you to interfere in their lives,

L- Learn to leave others alone to give them the space they want,

K- Keep your ears and mouth shut when you hear a rumor,

W- Why do people have to know everything?

I- In other houses,

T- They should mind their own business,

H-However, people enjoy gossiping about others,

W- Whether others like it or not,

I- In this worldwide web,

S- Some are great in hiding what they hear,

D- Doesn’t make a mess about it,

O- Only reveals to who they trust,

M- Most of the time!

Rainy Season!

Who loves the rainy season here?

When everyone loves to be cozy in their houses with their warm clothes on,

Sitting near the fireplace to make their hands warm,

Enjoying eating spicy and tangy snacks while watching the television,

Sipping up hot tea and coffee under our blankets,

The children in India go downstairs to dance in the rain and get thrilled to see an amazing view,

They spend hours dancing and they forget everything else, they are living the moment,

We wait for the rainy season every year and this season makes us smile and spread laughter and joy,

This season brings several great memories with it whenever we cherish them,

These are our precious moments that live in our hearts forever!