Religions around the globe!

There are many religions in the world, but all people are equal and one. They go to churches, mosques, and temples to worship God. Everyone has a different religion and that is what is amazing about it. People around the world travel to countless countries to explore the religion about them. They buy souvenirs from each country to remember each religion.

My religion is Hindu which is broad and difficult to understand as well. There are many Gods which signifies many things. There are numerous holy books which many Hindus read. Being a Hindu is a proud thing for me because I love my country and religion.

The flag of India has four colors which are orange, white, blue, and green. Orange represents power and white is for peace, blue is wheel of law, and green is for nature.

I have travelled to Shirdi which is in India for my 20th birthday with my family. It was a great experience, and we had a good time. It is wonderful to visit religious places and I wish we could travel again.

People come from different religious backgrounds and they are unique in their own ways. They blend in various cultures and they enjoy learning about religions. We should respect each other religions.

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Religions around the globe

Love & wealth

Life has two main components according to me which are love and wealth. They are most precious to us.

Love is the most wonderful feeling that we can express to our family, friends, and our true companions. Sometimes, love is silent, but it has a lot of meaning to it. We can hide our feelings, but love can’t be hidden from our secret admirer. Without love, there is nothing in this world that we can get. No matter, what we do, love can’t be replace with anything else.

Similarly, wealth is another component in life that everyone wants to have and are crazy for it. People like to have wealth more than love. They are running to make money as if life is all about wealth.

We don’t understand that life is really small, and we should find love everywhere than wealth. Wealth comes and goes but love stays for us forever in our hearts! Wealth takes a lot of time to be earned, but love takes less time to form in any relationships. It can be destroyed in many ways, but love can be sacrifice in many ways.

Love and wealth are like two main ingredients in life that are important for human survival, but it should be in a limit because everything should be done in a various way. Our life is a battle of love and wealth which runs very fast but at the end the battle of wealth takes over from love. This game will continue forever in our lives because wealth doesn’t have a full stop in our lives.

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Love wins over wealth

Life is beautiful, yet it has many sorrows.

Life is a fabulous and wonderful journey, yet it has many worries. We should enjoy every moment in our lives.

There are several things that we can do in our life to appreciate and have fun in life. We can socialize with our friends and loved ones with technology. We can catch up with family and friends in malls in every part of the world. There are beaches and gardens which helps us to enjoy the great weather and spend good quality time. We can have fun in our lives if we take things in a positive gratitude.

On the other hand, life has several sorrows because not everything is permanent with happiness. We get tired in tackling with things that are out of our hands. Sometimes, there is a phase in our lives that doesn’t let us live the way we want. It has many sorrows that we can’t overcome our struggles. Life is the most toughest battle that requires a lot of strength to fight out the worries in our lives. It takes ages to know how to finish our problems in life only God can conclude with right solutions to them.

Overall life is a lovely journey, despite it has many sorrows. I believe that we should have the courage to fight our own battles regardless of what the circumstances are in our lives. Be positive and learn to face the worst situations with a big smile on the face!

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Time never waits for anyone, and it does not stop for anything.

Time is the most valuable component in our lives and it teaches us important lessons. It never stays the same for anyone and it doesn’t halt for anything. We should appreciate time and do things that matter the most in life. There is a clock of life that keeps ticking fast which tells us the concern of time. In life, there are lots of stuffs that requires a period of time but that doesn’t means it stops for anything. The experience of our life shares many magical moments with our loved ones which are capture in a photo album. People should plan things according to time. They should set a timetable for each activity for their daily life. Being a child is easy because then he/she forget all about time. Our life doesn’t stay the same always, so is the time. The time keeps changing and it is running as well. We should focus on our chores because we don’t know when we can die!

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All types of flowers are beautiful and bright. They smell fresh. Flowers express true feelings such as true love.

A red rose is for a Valentine’s Day and a yellow rose is for friendship.

9 sunflowers facts! I have taken from this website that is stated below:

  •  Each sunflower is actually thousands of teeny flowers.
  • You should harvest sunflowers in the morning, not the afternoon.
  •  Sunflowers are native to the Americas and were domesticated around 1000 B.C.
  • A dried sunflower makes a unique, natural bird feeder.
  • Each sunflower can contain as many as 1,000 to 2,000 seeds.
  •  There are about 70 species of sunflowers.
  •  The French word for sunflower is “tournesol,” which means “turns with the sun.”
  • The tallest sunflower on record was over 30 feet tall.
  • Sunflowers have been planted to help soak up nuclear radiation.

Life is so wonderful with flowers and these facts are interesting to know about sunflowers. They are special in this world and it is full of life.

Happy news for 2020: Wisconsin farmer plants 2 million sunflowers
A bright day with sunflowers😊

Belief or imaginary?

How many of you believe in God? There is a way to build our belief just by keeping our hopes & spirits high up.

Belief is a strong faith and promise that is done to someone special and He has to fulfill no matter what happens in life. I strongly state if you love and trust someone just keep on holding your trust in him, I know this sounds much easier to say than done. Elders say like that don’t give up in life, but there is a certain point in life that we tend to melt down and just wish to die but that not how our life goes on. This word, BELIEF is so powerful that several people have faith in their lives that things will make sense at their own time, but how can we make our heart understand it is fine if we don’t get what we desire in life. What is your viewpoint on belief?

On the other hand, there is an imaginary world that the adults and children believe in. This world is like a fantasy where we tend to forget the real world. Children create an imagination when they think everything is fun and true, they are immature and they dream that their goals can be achieve at any cost. Being a toddler is great because they don’t know understand the feelings of their loved ones! What is your opinion about this?

Overall, everyone has a different prospective in life. These 2 main things means a lot to me in my life. I believe that there is not an imaginary world seriously, this is only for children. As adults, we should be firm on our beliefs.

Life is too short!

Several things doesn’t happen our way. Life is unpredictable because we think we know exactly what will happen but it doesn’t happen that way.

There are ways that we forget to deal with stress and chaos. People around the world are struggling because they are living in an artificial life. Adults and children are having problems with their life in many ways such as in careers and health. They don’t understand how to find solutions to their troubles.

Why do we don’t understand life?

We are too busy in our lives that we have forgotten how to live our lives. Families and friends are far away from each other that they don’t get time to connect. They say that they miss us but in reality everyone is involved in life with something or the another.

Our life is strangling so much that we are getting mixed with different things that is happening around us. The real world looks so beautiful but in some ways the world looks fake because there are some people who are doubting and playing games, only a person can play games but not God.

For some people life is a miracle because their life is wonderful and full of spice. They attend business tours and parties. They know how to enjoy each moment with their loved ones.

I have created an acronym of LIFE IS TOO SHORT

  • Live in full experience where there is lots of love around you
  • In System of heart where
  • Time is an Open Opportunity
  • Start Holding Out Right Time
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Don’t leave my hand forever!

Sometimes in life things get so complicated that we can’t understand what is going on in our lives! We try to find solutions to the problems, but we can’t get answers from our real-life troubles. Life is hard yet it plays mischief games with us.

In my opinion, love is most important for me. There is someone special in my life that matters the most to me. I CAN’T SURVIVE WITHOUT HIM AND I CAN DIE IF I DON’T MEET HIM IN REAL. HE HAS PROMISED ME THAT HE WON’T LEAVE MY HAND FOREVER. I will cry if I don’t meet him, my life is just incomplete without Him.

Someone loves you truly and wants to see you happy!

There is someone special in everyone’s life that means a lot to us. Life is incomplete without that one person that loves you the most in the world. He should respect true feelings.

He should propose with a flower and a ring. This signifies real love between a father and a daughter. A father and a daughter share a great bond with each other. They discuss their problems and secrets with each other. Papa is the one of the closest person in my heart that knows my every wish. Life becomes easy when a father becomes a true friend who understands me well and HE WILL DO WHAT A FATHER NEEDS FOR A DAUGHTER.

I ask everyone a simple question! Do all fathers love their daughters, or they are pretending to love and show gratitude?

What Do You Get When You Fall In Love? How Affection Can Change Your Life  For The Better | Betterhelp
Pure love is dying and singing

Lovely Babies!

Everyone loves babies because they are cute and lovely. They are a great blessing in this world. A new life begins when you become a mother. Things change when a new baby is born.

Life changes when babies come in this world by bringing lots of joy. A mother cares for her babies. She brings lots of toys and teddy bears. Her love is pure and true, and she believes that she can be a great mother.

Jai Mata Di

Life is full of tests and puzzles that are hard to solve by yourself. Sometimes, it is hard to control our emotions because people around me don’t understand me at all. It is complicated to understand our lives because God as in Mata Rani because I am a Hindu doesn’t give me answers to my questions.

I ask people in this world that do they believe in God? It is so difficult to know that God exists in this globe.

In my experience, I went with my family to a temple called Vaishno Devi when I was a child, and it was a great and wonderful journey and I wish to go again soon.

There are several ways that we can achieve things in our life. One way to accomplish the dreams and goals is to believe and to not get frightened if something doesn’t get solve the way you want but don’t give up hope until it’s done.

Life is cheerful and enjoyable when we receive lots of happiness and unexpected guests!

Is there anything called true love?

How many people believe in true love? Life is full of sorrow from true love because there are certain people who give us sadness for their own reasons. They are desperate to love but they don’t show their true feelings and hide their identity from the world.

Do you all believe in true love? Life is complicated when we are in love, we can’t understand what is going on? There should be a cure for this illness, but science hasn’t found any cure. True love is difficulty to get, some are lucky, and some are unfortunate, some people are mean, and they are jealous of others.

What is the meaning of true love to you all?

In my opinion, true love is important for life. I think love marriage should be fixed rather than arranged because then there won’t be many fights in the relationships.

Some people hate true love stories, but they don’t realize that they love their true love more than from their own lives! THEY CAN DIE IF THEY DON’T FIND TRUE LOVE IN THE FORM OF A REAL PERSON.

Why did God create true love in the world, what was He thinking? He was not wearing glasses😀.

Life is hard without any true love from a person who loves you the most out of everyone in the world.

I want God to prove that true love exists in the world and show that true love never dies!

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