Pregnancy is the Most Beautiful Experience in Womanhood.

Every woman has a desire to be a mother in this world and it makes a woman feel complete. The journey of motherhood is amazing because she has become a mother herself for the first time. She is caring, loving, and protective towards her child. It is not easy keeping a child in the womb for 9 months. A woman goes to many different mood swings in pregnancy such as feeling low, crying for no reason, and morning sickness. This is a time where a wife needs her husband the most. Most husbands are lazy in supporting their wives. They just abandon them for no reason because men think that they will be called weak.

We as in women are very strong and patient when delivering a baby. All women have made this way to bear the pain for pregnancy. Life is beautiful once a woman becomes a mother.

There are some who cannot conceive and are unlucky, but they should not give up, they should keep trying and one day a miracle is certain to happen no matter what.

Life is so beautiful and being pregnant is feeling special which has no words that can describe it. We should be thankful to God that He gives this blessing for all women which helps us bring a new life to the world!

A Blessing On The Way: Counting Each Day While You're Expecting: Christian,  Sue: 9781426780608: Books


Indian Weddings!

Indian weddings are exciting and colorful to experience in India. Indians love the season of weddings and they place their weddings in winters mostly because the weather is pleasant. We have many ceremonies that are so memorable and wonderful to experience that can give us great memories. There are family relatives and other people that come to attend them from foreign countries and from local areas too and these people stay together in one house until the weddings finishes. Children and youngsters enjoy the most during these times. They dance and sing along with each other. There are many interesting foods that are made by a cook during this time because everybody is at home preparing for wedding. There are dozens of works that needs to be done for a wedding such as going for shopping, booking a parlour for hair and makeup, checking out hotels or farmhouses for locations. Weddings are not easy in India because they require lots of preparations. Everyone from day 1 is involved in our Indian weddings. The house gets lights up with all different lightings and it starts glowing. We have many ceremonies starting from applying henna, cocktail, applying turmeric on bride and groom, engagement, a special event for the bride wearing special bangles called chura to get ready for the wedding. Finally, then comes the big fat wedding where everyone dances, and the groom comes on a horse or a car to get his bride. People around the groom dance and they have lots of fun. Indian weddings are long, and the rituals take lots of time to be completed. Before completing the wedding, all the guests eat dinner and give their blessings to the couple and go home. At last, when all of them go home, both families gather and finish the rest of the rituals. Overall, when everything is done smoothly, the bride goes home to the groom’s house. This is what we call Indian weddings.

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Self-care is important for us because it cleans our mind and soul. We should learn to develop healthy habits because it is vital for our mental peace. There are several ways where we can purify and adapt it in our lifestyle. Self-care includes from facials, manicure, and pedicure. These things help us feel delighted and positive as well. There is not even one person who doesn’t believe in self-care.

Importance of self-care

  • Positive outlook
  • Feeling of being fresh and relaxed as well
  • Having lots of energy
  • Variety of mixed emotions
  • Cleanses our skin

I am living in Kuwait and there is a shop called LUSH in the Avenues Mall where I brought a skin product called banana and oats flavored one. This product has a validity of 25 days. I had applied it my face and I felt amazing and fresh. My skin started glowing and it had made me look happy and positive as well.

These face masks are useful, and they help us feel wonderful especially if we have to go to different occasions because sometimes all the salons are booked already, and they just don’t have any option other than using these beauty products at home.

To feel good, self-care is the best treatment which can be done for ourselves. We can look beautiful from inside and out!

Overall, self-care is one of the basic tools that can boost up our mental health because it gives us pleasure to do things for ourselves. It radiates positive energy to body, mind, and soul.

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A Powerful Prayer

We should learn to pray with open heart and mind because it has pure intentions of fulfilling our needs and wants. Our life is based on believing in the truth that a prayer can do many miracles that are beyond our expectations. We should put on efforts in praying to God so that He has no choice to not to grant our desires. People who seek for God’s help are never left empty-handed at all. Our customs and beliefs play a great role in our lives.

My opinion about a prayer is that we should continue doing our part in a prayer and leave everything in God’s hands because He knows what is best for us. There are things which could take lots of time to get in our life but that doesn’t mean they won’t never become true. I am hoping that we should all trust ourselves that we could achieve anything in our lives if we put all our hard work in them to accomplish our goals. Life is too short for thinking negative thoughts and not believing in our prayers. We should wait eagerly and patiently that one day God will listen to all our prayers and bless us that can exceed our expectations.