Confidence & Faith

Confidence is the power of doing something that you can attain.

Confidence is vital for all of us so that we could accomplish our dreams and goals in our lives. It is a great element which helps us all achieve our targets and succeed in them also. Confidence is not something that can be built overnight, it takes a while. We should try to build our confidence as much as we can so that it will become easier for us to achieve everything we want!

Faith is believing in someone, and something completely where there are no doubts to question about.

When we talk about faith, we tend to think about many things that will make us feel worrisome at some point in our lives, but we should remember that faith makes all things possible. I was given a scenery from my friend Shahad Garashi as a birthday present, and in that it’s states the above sentence in bold. This line is important and has a deep meaning. Life is difficult at times, but we should be strong and keep our faith intact!

Confidence and faith WORK together and create wonders in our lives. We should believe that we can do everything in life if we have confidence and faith in ourselves.

Finding Confident Faith in the Midst of Fear and Frustration — Huntersville  ARP Church

My Favorite Sport!

Playing sports is beneficial for our mental and physical health. We love playing and we all have our favorite ones.

Here is why my favorite sport is basketball!

  • It is a sport where both mental and physical involvement are required which makes the game interesting to play.
  • Targeting the ball to the basket just feels amazing
  • The excitement of who is going to win gives me goosebumps
  • Mostly, South Americans are great players I feel
  • I love watching the game!

These are my reasons why basketball is close to me and is my favorite too.

I believe that everyone should play sports because it is one of the best ways to stay healthy mentally and physically too.

What is your favorite sport my friends?

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Intense atmosphere
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Will it make it or not?

Tourists and Travel Worldwide

These days we are tempted to travel to many countries because we are tired of sitting at home due to the pandemic. Every summer we wait eagerly for our holidays from schools and jobs so that we could take a break from our hectic schedules and go to our favorite destinations and explore different things. This year completely varies from previous years, and no one ever have thought that this kind of situation could have come up in our lives.

There are countless people that want to travel to their hometown to visit their families, but they just cannot go. Some of the people are so poor that they can’t afford to eat well and this Covid -19 had made their conditions worse from before.

This disease has created a great impact on tourists and travel globally. We can’t travel and visit our loved ones, and in other types of emergencies. Since no one is travelling and touring worldwide all their businesses have gone down. We are stuck up and are anxiously looking to find a solution to this problem but unfortunately nothing can be done unless the vaccine comes for it.

Everyone including the adults and children feel helpless because they find it hard coping up with this situation and they are bored till death dealing by the same routine. All they do is eat, sleep, and watch movies or television.

The whole world has turned upside down for everyone and it is becoming tough to see this daily. We hope and pray that this pandemic gets over soon and we can start our travelling universally again.

Tourism Wallpaper posted by Ethan Johnson

Desires & Hopes in Our World!

We all have desires and hopes in our life that we want to fulfill no matter what it takes us to do!

Desire is strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Whereas hope is expecting something to happen for a good reason.

Desires and hopes are two main points in life that makes our world interesting to live. Humans tend to expect and wish a lot, but they eventually give up when the time comes for achieving them. They can make several plans and discuss too but they hate the waiting process of it, and I am sure everyone agrees with me on that😂.

In this generation everyone is trying to compete with others, and they are eager to accomplish what others are doing and, in this way, they forget what they wanted in their lives! People should believe that they can build their career and personality on their own! Many times, IT IS HARD I admit but we should stick with the aim that we can do it if we think with a positive mind.

Life is short & sweet, and we should learn how can we make our aspirations become true before time finishes up too soon. Don’t imitate others just find a way to grant your own wishes!

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Magical Moments with Beautiful Memories

We have several moments in our lives that we can make them look charming and fill them with special memories. Life is a wonderful journey which brings us lots of amazing occasions that can be capture in a camera, and we can go in flashback whenever we want to. Every small moment turns out to be lovely just by adding a bit of laughter and a smile to it. There are many various days where we feel depressed and tired of life, but we should remember that we can create great memories by changing our attitude to positive no matter how hard it is! There are stages in our lives which helps us to share things with each other which make it more precious, and we connect with time. A spark gets lit up when the flow of these cherishes memories come alive!