“Education is the law of nature.”

Education is a strong word yet important in our lives! Everyone needs to have teaching in this generation. We should be grateful that we have this opportunity in our lives because education is the first step towards becoming successful.  It is the most vital stage in our lives due to receiving knowledge. We can achieve our goals and dreams no matter what they are with learning!

We can accomplish several things with education and make our future shine out bright. There is lots of hard work required for us to do but at the end, you will not have any regrets about it because your precious time will not be wasted. You will be delighted to earn a degree and obtain your goals & dreams too. 😊

Everyone needs to have an education to flourish their lives in today’s generation! 


Festivals! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

There are several festivals around the world which makes us want to celebrate these in a grand manner. Many people have different ways and rituals for performing these events.

I am going to discuss about 3 types of festivals which I think are interesting to learn no matter how many different cultures there are!


This holiday comes every year on December 25 and is celebrated by Christians. It is honored because Jesus was born on this date. Children are excited and they wait each year to receive numerous gifts by Santa Claus. All the houses are fixed up with decorations and Christmas trees. People go to churches on Christmas Eve and stay up all night listening to carols and they return the next day early morning.

Diwali 💥💥

This event shows up in October-November and does not have a certain date.  It is performed by Indians. We celebrate it because good won against evil.  Everyone lights up candles in their houses and hold a special prayer too. Children & adults burn firecrackers to celebrate their happiness and eat handful of Indian sweets. They distribute presents to their families and friends too.

Eid 🕋 🕌

This carnival occurs twice a year and is feasted by Muslims. This Eid is solemnizing because to end the fast of the holy month of Ramadan. These people get engaged in many donations. Children receive money (eidi) on this special day from their loved ones. They visit their relatives and pray in mosques by doing this, they cherish these peaceful moments with God.

My Final Thoughts

These festivals are proclaiming because people interact with their families and their relationships become stronger. People are happy during the festivals, and they enjoy their time especially children who are glad to have holidays during them!

Junk 🍟🍔🍕🍭🍿🍫 vs. Healthy🍏🍆🥕🥦🍌🍐Food😋

Today’s generations prefer junk more than healthy food.  They love to consume a variety of things from potato chips to chocolates. Most children would give excuses to not eat their vegetables, but they rather have all types of junk foods. Infants do not understand the fact is that healthy foods benefit them not junk ones.

Junk foods contains lots of fat therefore it is not good to nibble on. These types of foods will lead everyone to obesity in the future. These days people from all ages tend to attack on fast foods especially when they are stressed out in their lives.  It is said that these snacks make them feel delighted and relaxed.

On the other hand, healthy foods are nutritious for us. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals for our body that will eventually make us stronger.  We should have lots of fruits and vegetables in our diets. Children should have vegetables and fruits because it is important for their growth. They should eat these in their early stages so that they can prevent harmful diseases in near future!

Start thinking seriously about your health and try to reduce junk food from life!