Favorite Meals! 😋🥣🍵🥢

 General Information about food:       

Food is essential for humans and for the animals. There are different types of foods from different parts of the world which are amazing and unbelievable as well.

   I am writing about my two favorite foods which are from China and Italy. 

My first favorite food is Chinese food.  I would eat starters first which includes vegetarian hot and sour soup and veg spring rolls. For the main course, I would eat vegetarian noodles and rice with vegetables and Manchurian. I love this main course very much.

My second favorite food is Italian food. I love to eat Mediterranean pasta. This pasta includes Fusilli noodles and mushrooms as well. I can eat pasta anytime because I loved it very much.

Important Information/Opinion 

Food is a substance that everyone like to consume, and it is essential as well.  Some people cannot control themselves and they tend to eat more than they should. Due to this, people might have problems of overweight and other problems that will affect them in their future.

My opinion for everyone is that eat in small portions and do not overeat. If you eat in small portions, you will feel good and light just like a bird!