3 R’s which Helps Decrease Waste in this World!

Waste is increasing day by day everywhere in this world. There are several people that are littering our precious universe. We should try to prevent this from happening and keep our sphere neat and clean! Here are three ways that can help people to cutback waste which are recycle, reduce, and reuse.


One of the ways we can less the amount of waste is by recycling. It is a good source for the environment. It involves collecting, processing, and selling products from old materials. This is one way for all of us to try to make our environment free from all the different types of waste that is causing all negative effects. In the United States of America, I have seen a trash bin which has 3 sections in it which are for paper, plastic, and waste. I find this idea useful and creative because it helps the environment stay safe and healthy.


We can reduce using the things that causes waste such littering places. People should stop applying fuels in dangerous ways that are harmful for marine animals. Reducing trash is a great way to help each other live in a safe and friendly environment. People in New Delhi where I am from are attempting to use less plastic in their daily lifestyle! The government of India has banned plastic in New Delhi.


There are many ways that we can reuse the things to avoid wastage. If something does not work out, try fixing it again such as old things which requires batteries. Often, we tend to throw things if its stop working and are not bothered to try to reuse it. Reusing certain things can create a great impact on our friendly environment.

These 3 R’s can produce a huge influence on our environment and are beneficial for us. They help destroy all kinds of waste and make our future protected!

Make a difference in the cosmos!

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