What Makes a Healthy Lifestyle?

We all know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone in today’s generation.

What are countless ways that you all can have an active lifestyle? Ponder around for some minutes and then have a look at my list!

Let us highlight and improve our lifestyle for a better future.

  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid being fat.
  • Exercise, sleep, and walk regularly to stay in good shape.
  • Sit in sunlight to get vitamin D.
  • Interact and socialize with your loved ones.
  • Mediate for your mental health.
  • Take time out from your busy schedules and just relax!
  • Change your routine and make it interesting daily!
  • Make your thoughts positive and learn to live life in the present moment, many people ruin their present because they think about their future way too much.
  • Avoid stress when can because stress only makes your body and mind weak.
  • Fresh air is vital for us, and it makes us feel happy too.
  • Travel to your favorite country because you deserve a holiday!
  • Catch up with your friends through Facetime when the circumstances don’t allow you to meet them.
  • You know how your body and mind needs to be healthy the best and no one knows better than you do! So, do what is required for you.
  • Taking care of your health will prevent you from getting diseases in your upcoming future and you will live longer and be stronger as well.

My message to all my friends is that having a healthy lifestyle is essential part in our lives and we should help ourselves to work towards it continuously and to keep these things in mind. Our health matters the most at the end of the day!

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Events that are Priceless & bring a Smile to Everyone’s Faces!

There are special events that take place in everyone’s life and make them feel special in some way or the other.

Here is the list of 10 events which I think are priceless.

  • Going for a cup of coffee with your loved one.
  • Planning a romantic candlelight dinner for someone special.
  • Giving surprises!
  • Attending a best friend’s wedding.
  • Capturing the most beautiful moments in a camera.
  • Watching the sunrise or sunset.
  • Spending time with our grandparents who are far away from us.
  • Being independent and making our parents proud!
  • Receiving your first salary!
  • Discovering our hidden talents!

We should remember that we should live life to the fullest because we have this life to enjoy and fulfill our dreams, goals, and wishes. Don’t take life for granted and make each moment special and wonderful as well. Try to have fun and create new memories with your family and friends because events are without a price tag!

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Happy New Year 2022!

May everyone’s dreams & wishes would come true🙏😊❤️ I hope this year will be the best for everybody! Let’s pray that this Covid will be over soon too! So, we can get our normal lives back together 😊👍🏻🙏

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Being Passionate about Everything!

Passion is a bold feeling that we have inside ourselves which makes us live in a more exciting way.

We all have different dreams, goals, and wishes that we want to fulfill in our lives and for that we need to have enthusiasm to reach our ambitions!

There are several times, that we neglect our passions, and we forget about them. We should see that what we are capable and do that no matter how hard it is because we have one life to live and follow what we love doing the most out of everything. There is a fire inside in each one of us that bring out great talents and sometimes we don’t get to see this at all. We need to give a chance to ourselves so that we can prove to everyone that we have a passion somewhere too and we can achieve it at any cost.

Being passionate about things that are important to us makes life interesting and it gives a right direction to accomplish what we desire.

Everyone has a passion, and they should follow their passion no matter what because having a passion spices and thrills everything else in life too.

Don’t let the passion die out from you in any point of time because once it does, it is difficult to rebuild it.

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Lost in Judgments!

You all might be thinking and scratching your heads about the topic of this article, well as you will be reading you will slowly understand what I am trying to share here.

First of all, judgements are pieces of opinions which people form of others without noticing how he or she feels about them.

Secondly, people these days are quick to make judgements even though they know that they are not proving anything which is realistic enough to point out.

Thirdly and lastly, this world has lots of ways to pass judgements about people and things that make us wonder how we can face the world and live in this kind of society as well.

We have the rights to live in our own terms and we are responsible for everything we think and do. We don’t want peoples’ criticisms for the way we act and behave. We are mature and we know how to handle things too.

Sometimes, we make different judgments that we think we are incorrect, and people are right in some matters. We get influenced by them and we change! We shouldn’t be this way and we should think what is best for others and us too and what might be safer to do in nearer future. Remember, one small wrong judgement can change a lot of things between a career and relationships also. So, don’t ever get lost in judgements! Often at times, everything looks great in others’ perspectives but in reality, it is a different story overall. So I must warn you all that be reasonable while taking a judgement. Listen to your heart because many times it gives you a right answer.

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A Matter of Coincidence!

There are some moments in our lives that take place randomly and they change our lives in a drastic way.

What is a significance of coincidence in reality?

The reality of life is based on coincidence because we never know what life brings and turns a new chapter for everyone whether it is for personal or it is in career. When we least expect from life then there comes a time which will surprise us with great news that will transform our whole life. It is just a matter of coincidence which will help us learn and prosper also.

Coincidence doesn’t mean bad news every time; it can have a positive impact on us. There are few who get second chance in their lives, and they don’t leave this opportunity at all. At times, we get so involve with things in life that we can’t see clearly what is coming. It is a chance which occurs like an unexpected guest.

A matter of coincidence is a way to expose things from a different angle and expect the most unwanted news or things that knocks out at our doors!

Life is short and coincidences are several that make our life take a new rollercoaster ride which share unwanted experiences and turns that would shocks and surprises us both at the same time!


“Chance. Stupid, dumb, blind chance. Just a part of the strange mechanism of the world, with its fits and coughs and starts and random collisions.”  Lauren Oliver

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Heartbreaks when Failing in Life.

Several times, we feel broken and get dishearten because we have failed a couple of times in life. Life feels depressed because we can’t beat our challenges & failures and have hopes to regain our self-confidence once again.

When we get hurt from issues in life it is difficult to console ourselves and it takes time to build our self-esteem too. We don’t want to break down, but we are tied up with the different types of emotions inside us that makes us feel this way, and we think that we don’t have any goals to follow.

I have come up with something that would describe what is it like to experience heartbreaks when you think to give up all hopes.

The word, heartbreak is so deep, and it gives us tears in our eyes especially if our dreams and goals shattered.


H=Holding our grudges and feelings inside our heart.

E=Everything is depressing around us because we can’t see a brighter tomorrow.

A=Accepting the reality is the hardest part when facing a problem.

R=Relationships matter the most during heartbreaks.

T=Tears forming day and night to feel better because this is the way a person deals with a breakdown.

B=Blaming for the things that might had happened.

R=Running away from the world.

E=Eagerly waiting for something new after a major problem.

A=Anxious and eating when not hungry at all.

K=Keeping everyone away from ourselves for a period of time.

S=Saddest memory never fades away too soon from our lives.

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Sometimes it takes Fate & Luck for Everything.

Fate and luck are like two ingredients that makes life interesting to live. How many of you will agree with me? There is a reason for everything that happens in life, and we have to accept it.

We wait for our luck to turn out to be in our favor most of the time for everything we do. Fate is something that we can’t fight for to be in our favor because we have no control on it.

There are several times that we blame our struggles to fate because we can’t accept our own mistakes but that is not how it is. We get things in life according to our karmas that we had performed in past lives. This is the reality and how the life works for all of us.

Difficulties are in everyone’s lives these days, and people are dealing with it in their own ways. Some people are strong enough that they brawl with great courage and on the other hand, some are weak, and they can’t handle their problems at all, and they give up.

I believe that trying to face and solve all troubles in our life will give us a better chance to enjoy life instead of thinking about our destiny and luck for waiting things to come true!

Sometimes it takes fate and luck for everything is a phrase that is used to assume things that can come true and make us feel better and hope for something brighter to enter in our lives. Fate and luck go together because luck gives a new direction to fate and makes our destiny to shine as well.

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Destiny or Predictions?

Destiny is undecided future that no one knows in this world. We try to make several predictions for ourselves for a better life for us, but we are not successful in fulfilling. We predict many things, but things happen according to God’s will.

Few lines about destiny and predictions that I have created.

Destiny is a broad subject that involves our future and experiences that we go through in our lives!

Sometimes, we desire and want several goals to accomplish in our time frame but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen unless it is design to.

Predictions are easy to make but they are hard to achieve no matter what they are and how big they are.

We get so confused in solving some complicated things around us that we make mistakes and put a blame on our destiny for it.

Once something is written in a destiny for us, no one can change it.

Life is unexpectable and so is destiny and predictions. We are struggling in between these two things that we can’t accept things to be the way it should be. Often times, we think that we can’t get what we dream because it is not in our destiny, but we shouldn’t think that way. We as humans are strong enough to fight our future and try to change what is in destiny for us! Sometimes, an effort changes everything that is impossible to even imagine.

Maturity Comes with Experience!

What is your opinion about this as readers?

Being mature is a process throughout life because we learn several things with time.

We go through countless experiences in life that make us grow into an adult. Maturity doesn’t mean that we should be serious all the time or forget our precious memories, it means that we should think wisely and take a good decision for others and for us as well.

There are lots of struggles in life that we face, and we should handle them maturely and with patience too. Sometimes, the struggles are too tough that we forget how to act upon them and take a wrong decision and regret later.

Life teaches us several lessons and we get stronger too after being hurt many times. Often times, we have to console ourselves that everything will turn out well at the end. It is difficult to act maturely if we got into a terrible situation and start to panic all of sudden.

Maturity is to be fully grown as an adult and we are all aware of this fact. Sometimes, we as human beings react weirdly in situations that we don’t know how to solve something, and we need someone to do the work for us. It is important to take some advice from an adult who has an experience to help get a good solution.

Maturity comes as we grow up in age and look at our surroundings too. The people in our lives play a huge role because we try to imitate them!

Experiencing different kinds of challenges in our lives can also make us mature before time!

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Searching & Waiting for the Right Opportunities!

We all search for different opportunities whether it is for career or life! Yes or no, most of you will agree with me.

Sometimes, life gives us so many obstacles that we get tired of waiting for the right time for things to work out for us. We keep searching what is best for us all the time but at some point, of time we get so frustrated of doing the same things over again. Waiting for new opportunities requires a lot of patience because most of the time we don’t get what we want on time.

Life is not easy for all of us and so are opportunities because they are hard to see. There are lots of different emotions that we go through when we can’t get the right things for us and others too. Often times, life feels so depressed when we can’t find the best ways of how to achieve our dreams and goals. Searching all the time and not getting anywhere is the most difficult experience to be felt and no one can understand this unless they are in the same boat as you are.

Waiting for things to get solve by itself doesn’t happen so we have to do all the efforts to make everything go well. It is good to wait for a certain period of time though because then we can understand how we want things to be but waiting for a large amount of time doesn’t take us anywhere in life.

It is hard to get what we are looking for in life and there are struggles that follow us too. Every stage in life is like a challenge and so are with the opportunities because opportunities don’t come quickly to us. We have to open our eyes to different opportunities and then also try what knocks at our door! Remember searching and waiting for a long time doesn’t make us move forward in life. We humans find it difficult to accept this reality and agree with it.

Keys to Freedom

What does freedom to you all mean?

Everyone has his or her description of freedom that has an impact on their lives.

In my opinion, I think freedom should be allowed and given to each individual in today’s generation because it is important so that people won’t feel that they stuck in between whether in things or with others around them.

Freedom is a way to access independence and do things at our own styles and ways that make us feel that we are not relying on people at all.

I have created a short poem on keys to freedom that will give you all a different perspective of the word, freedom.

Keys to Freedom

Freedom is something that needed for everyone in life because everyone deserves to have space in their life.

We are lucky that we get to choose our own freedom for us, and we decide how to go with it.

Life throws us different opportunities and we have the ability to make our own wise decisions for it.

Success in our life leads to the freedom of happiness.

Freedom is needed to achieve our dreams and wishes sparkle out brightly!

These are some points about freedom which I have highlighted in a short poem which will tell the main purpose of freedom in our lives!

Moral of the story is that freedom is important because it makes everyone feels that they have their own space to do anything just the way they love to!

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