Do You Make Choices from Mind or Heart?

We all make choices more from heart than from our mind mostly but sometimes there are situations that make us think from our mind. Our mind makes the choices that our heart doesn’t agree and that is best for us even though we don’t know! We get confused often when we make a choice that is not coming from our heart! Sometimes, making choices and decisions from our mind is right.

There are circumstances in life when we have to make choices that are best for us, when our heart says no but mind says yes. We can’t make choices that we think are right because our heart says so. Things are challenging these days, our choices must be right for us! We shouldn’t have regrets when we make choices!

Some choices are easy to make, and some are hard. Choices come in different options, and we have to see what the right choice for us is! At times, choices are various, and we are struggling to make the right one!

Most of time, our choices reflect on many things such as in career and personal life and we are so overwhelmed in making the right ones for us!

It is not easy as it sounds to make choices from mind than heart! How many of you agree with me?

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