There are several people who have countless expectations from life. They believe that everything that they expect will come true gradually. These expectations don’t have any end. It is in human nature to await for certain things. Expectations begin with small things and when they turned out to be big, we don’t know. Life is full of ups and downs; we never know what it brings us.

Expectations are like bubbles that are slowly rising inside us like air, and they create a disturbance to our surrounding as jealousy too!

Life is about competition these days; people feel that they have to become better than others! They expect that they can exceed to others’ beliefs also.

To me, they are small gifts that we get from others to make our lives challenging. People expect from others a lot which to me is not acceptable. They should start expecting from themselves rather than others! For example, people ask for help from others and they think that they will return them but why do they forget that they are humans too and they act the same way as you do. Why do we put others in trouble? We should understand that expecting doesn’t take us ahead in life.

In conclusion to all of this, expectations are skills which we have to achieve ourselves and begin to fight too and not expect from others because this doesn’t lead to success. We have a life, and we should be independent and create expectations within us not with others!

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