Reputation & Status in Our Society!

It is important to have reputation and status in our society. This defines our true values of a human being. Each person has a status in life no matter whether it is high or low. A reputation is hard to make but easier to break. Reputation and status have significance meanings in the society revolving around the world!

Reputation is an image that people form for others. It can be awful and great. Whereas status is the ranking of where people stand in this world such as being poor and rich. Both reputation and status are hard to achieve in life because it takes a period of time to gain and maintain them also.

Our society is growing these days, people find it difficult to earn a great reputation and status too. People who work in businesses and jobs find themselves in tough situations because everyone is competing against each other. They are feeling jealous between their coworkers. These people can’t tolerate their status and success too. It shouldn’t be like this at all, everyone should be treated equally as well no matter where they belong in our society. Our society needs to give everyone the opportunity to gain a well-deserved status and prove themselves. A status doesn’t define anything, but a good reputation makes a person lives peacefully in the world. People having a great reputation makes them to live up to their expectations.

Life should be lived with having a remarkable reputation and status because these two hold a great meaning in our society. There shouldn’t be any partiality between them. These days, reputation is hard to earn even though you have the status. A reputation should be based on your hard work not on your status! These things come a long way in our society where people try to gain a reputation through their status of being rich, well this is not the right way to do it. You should work on yourself to gain a reputation so that you are not ashamed of it. A good reputation counts in our society and as well the status of course because it defines who you are and where you belong!

Social Facts and Necessities for a Healthy Society
A good reputation counts in our society and as well the status of course because it defines who you are and where you belong!


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