Kindness & Humanity☺

In these days, people should be kind and help each other out. People should act wisely with each other. They shouldn’t forget about humanity and their true values. These two ingredients are important in every person on this planet. People should respect others’ cultures and traditions too. The sad thing is that as the world is growing, there are less people who are likely to get involve in aiding others. They only think about themselves, and they are greedy also.

There should be a circle where people meet once a week and help the needful ones. People should stop going to parties or movies rather than to think about doing a volunteering thing. In Kuwait where I live, unfortunately there are no volunteering services and because of this I don’t like it! There should be a charity that do special things for all people in Kuwait. We should all contribute our part in humanity!

What do you think about this? How should we help in these times? How do we start helping? These questions occur to me, and I am sure it occurs to everyone too!

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Start helping!

Forgiveness in The Glory of God.🙏🙏🏼🙏🏻

Forgiveness is important in our lives. Sometimes when things are out of controlled and out of our hands, we tend to make mistakes and forget to apologize. We think that if we ask for forgiveness, we lose our image, but this is wrong. Life is never perfect and so are we, but humans think that they are doing the right thing always so why should they be sorry.

What is the meaning of forgiveness in our lives?

Forgiveness is being sorry for our mistakes and to not repeat the mistakes over in life. It helps us to build relationships and make them stronger. Life is hard these days and people never apologize even if they are guilty. They hide their mistakes, and they act like they are innocent. These kinds of people are never happy from their lives. God watches everyone’s performances and gives forgiveness who truly deserves. People should fear God and they should learn from their mistakes as well. Life becomes easy when we get forgiveness.

In life certain things are unwanted but we should try to accept it. Several times, we think that we are doing everything right and we know the difference between right and wrong. However, there are certain areas that we make mistakes then we have difficulties realizing our mistakes. It is not easy to forgive people when they have hurt our feelings and they have crossed their limits. At the end we are human beings, and we ask forgiveness because we want to get out of this mess and please God!

Quote on forgiveness by Isaac Friedmann:

“Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge.”

When Buddha Refused To Forgive

The Tug of War that Continues till Today.

These days, people take many things for granted in life whether it is money and relationships. They don’t know what the importance for each in their lives is. Sometimes, people make silly mistakes, and they lose the value of good things. They don’t know how to balance between money and relationships! When people become rich, they develop an ego, and they think that they can form any relationships with money but that is not how it is. Money can’t buy good relationships!

People are greedy when it comes to money, they want to make lots of money. Some are so blessed with money, but they still want to have more money so they can fill up their pockets and make others feel jealous. The battle of making money can’t be finish from this world at all.

Sometimes, relationships get affected because of money because if a husband works and a wife works too, then there will be arguments. They will be jealous from each other because that is how people behave, they can’t see each other progress. On the other hand, there are couples who contribute to each other’s success. These kinds of people are few in this world now! All relationships are hard to build, and we should not let money be bigger than relationships. Money can be earned, but relationships are hard to earn and that to real and true ones!

This is the ongoing battle in the world around us. Money can fulfill our needs, but it can’t buy true happiness. Relationships are so delicate; they can break easily, and they are hard to get fixed. As for money it is the opposite because when money is gone, it can be achieved back slowly with time!

There is a game called tug of war and suppose if one side is money and the other is relationships, who would you think would win? The answer lies within us because it is our perspective how we see to it! This battle is hard but not impossible to win.

Money and relationships are having a competition together just like a tortoise and a rabbit. Here money is a rabbit and relationship are a tortoise because everyone runs for money rather than relationships.

Overall, this is the battle between us to know the true value of money and relationships. These things matter to us very much. We can’t live without money and relationships but here the main question is that abundant money never satisfies us, and relationships are hard to form again once break! So, which one do you pick?

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Money vs. relationships

Mistakes & Regrets!

People in life make mistakes and they think that it is end of their lives. They don’t realize that mistakes help us learn things that we are not good at. Several people think that they are perfect, and they can’t make any errors but that is not how human nature works. There are people who think that they can make mistakes and not learn from it and these people are immature to have these thoughts. At times, mistakes help us notice where we went wrong and in future that same mistake should not be repeated.

On the other hand, there are regrets that people have due to various reasons. Regrets are the sense of being sorry and they can’t live their lives smoothly. People have hard time to say sorry if they have done something wrong and this suffocates them later in life.

Mistakes and regrets are two components which goes together because these two are like bread and butter which means both can’t be separated from each other. If there are mistakes in life, there are regrets too, because that is the circle of life.

Humans are sensitive in realizing their mistakes because they think that they are right, and they can’t go wrong. They tend to think that others make mistakes, but they don’t. Some will hide their mistakes and they will act that they are not guilty at all. Well, life doesn’t work that way at all; what come around that goes around too.

To sum it all up, people should realize their mistakes beforehand so that they would not have regrets in their future. Regrets would make people not live life properly. There are several people who live in regrets because they make the same mistakes over again. They can’t live in peace. Trust me, you will not be called silly if you understand this concept. Life is too short for mistakes and regrets!

A Moment of Silence in Crisis.

There are several people who stay silent during sorrow times just so their loved ones can be happy. These people don’t want to disturb their family members, so they keep things to themselves.

Life is strange because when everyone is happy, people come and ask about their happiness but when everyone is depressed, no one cares about their wellbeing. Most people are like that but not all of them.

In this generation, most people are struggling in their lives no matter whether it is for career and health. No one wants to discuss their battles with everyone because these days everyone is going through the same cycle, so they choose to be quiet and fight their own battles in life. It is hard to keep mute when we give up and can’t find a solution to our problems! When we don’t talk to our relatives, we feel suffocated in life. We don’t understand what to do, and how to overcome it. Sometimes when this happens, people take a wrong step such as having suicidal thoughts, and some are so crazy, they do it because they are a coward!

In my opinion, we should break the moment of silence and we should be strong and brawl our battles with a great voice. We should break the chain and start encouraging people to discuss their issues with their loved ones because they can guide us in a better way and find best solutions for us when we can’t!

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Take an action!

Challenges & Obstacles!

A challenge is something that is given to everyone for a specific game or time. Several people are courageous to take challenges in their lives. People love to face challenges and risks too no matter what the circumstances are!

On the other hand, obstacles are things that affect our dreams and wishes from obtaining. Obstacles are problems in lives that make us feel tired of waiting to reach our ambitions. Life is not fair at times because of barriers that are coming in our ways.

In my opinion, life is like a street that has several challenges & obstacles, and the road is bumpy always. We should never give up because of these things, in fact we should be stronger and fight these challenges and obstacles because life is full of these things. It is a struggle between people and life, life goes on, but people get extinct going through the same battle every day. I think everyone has a great tolerance in life. From my experience, life has taught to fight battles!

Is there any way to fight our battles looking at the consequences in life?

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Fight with great courage!

Secret of Roses!

Roses are fresh and red
Their aroma is just amazing
A rose is a beautiful flower that helps our feelings come out of our hearts
Roses are given on special occasions which makes the celebrations magical
Roses make our relationships healthier and stronger too!

Roses are a great way of expressing our true feelings to our loved ones. They are a gesture to show warmth too. A relationship gets stronger if it is filled with love and trust and a rose helps to form a natural meaning in life. Suppose if a relationship doesn’t work out so well at times, a rose can make relations powerful. Every lady loves roses and expect them from her loved ones so that she can feel cheerful. Roses bring a big smile to our faces, and it enlightens our moods. Overall, roses make us feel special in life!

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Latest Most Beautiful Red Rose Pictures with Romantic Love Quotes –

Beaches & Resorts

Several people love going to beaches and resorts in their holidays. Children love to play in sand and the adults enjoy the sea. Few people like to see the sunrise on the beach. People tend to relax on beaches and resorts too. Beaches and resorts are meant for great holiday destinations.

All beaches are great for relaxing and having fun too. Some people spend hours in sun to enjoy being tan. Not all people can swim in the sea, some put their legs inside the water to feel the water running on their toes. There are people who love going on a motorboat ride in the sea. The children and their parents spend their time on beach to enjoy picnics.

Some resorts have games and a swimming pool where the children play board games and many other activities. They go swimming whenever they want to. The resorts contain shopping centers too. People won’t have any difficulties to look outside the resorts because everything is in the resort itself. They can stay for as many days as they want.

I personally feel that since Covid-19 has come in the world we can’t travel around the globe; we should go to beaches and resorts to entertain our time. There are many resorts that you could look up online and book one to spend time. Life has stop for all of us since Covid-19 and we don’t know what we could do to handle ourselves from boredom. For time being, we could rely on beaches and resorts to relax our body and mind too.

What do you all think about it? 🙄

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Religions Around the Globe.

There are many religions in the world, but all people are equal and one. They go to churches, mosques, and temples to worship God. Everyone has a different religion and that is what is amazing about it. People around the world travel to countless countries to explore the religion about them. They buy souvenirs from each country to remember each religion.

My religion is Hindu which is broad and difficult to understand as well. There are many Gods which signifies many things. There are numerous holy books which many Hindus read. Being a Hindu is a proud thing for me because I love my country and religion.

The flag of India has four colors which are orange, white, blue, and green. Orange represents power and white is for peace, blue is wheel of law, and green is for nature.

I have travelled to Shirdi which is in India for my 20th birthday with my family. It was a great experience, and we had a good time. It is wonderful to visit religious places and I wish we could travel again.

People come from different religious backgrounds, and they are unique in their own ways. They blend in various cultures, and they enjoy learning about religions. We should respect each other religions.

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Religions around the globe!

Love & Wealth

Life has two main components according to me which are love and wealth. They are most precious to us.

Love is the most wonderful feeling that we can express to our family, friends, and our true companions. Sometimes, love is silent, but it has a lot of meaning to it. We can hide our feelings, but love can’t be hidden from our secret admirer. Without love, there is nothing in this world that we can get. No matter, what we do, love can’t be replace with anything else.

Similarly, wealth is another component in life that everyone wants to have and are crazy for it. People like to have wealth more than love. They are running to make money as if life is all about wealth.

We don’t understand that life is really small, and we should find love everywhere than wealth. Wealth comes and goes but love stays for us forever in our hearts! Wealth takes a lot of time to be earned, but love takes less time to form in any relationships. It can be destroyed in many ways, but love can be sacrifice in many ways.

Love and wealth are like two main ingredients in life that are important for human survival, but it should be in a limit because everything should be done in a various way. Our life is a battle of love and wealth which runs very fast but at the end the battle of wealth takes over from love. This game will continue forever in our lives because wealth doesn’t have a full stop in our lives.

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Love wins over wealth

Life is Beautiful, yet it has Many Sorrows.

Life is a fabulous and wonderful journey, yet it has many worries. We should enjoy every moment in our lives.

There are several things that we can do in our life to appreciate and have fun in life. We can socialize with our friends and loved ones with technology. We can catch up with family and friends in malls in every part of the world. There are beaches and gardens which helps us to enjoy the great weather and spend good quality time. We can have fun in our lives if we take things in a positive gratitude.

On the other hand, life has several sorrows because not everything is permanent with happiness. We get tired in tackling with things that are out of our hands. Sometimes, there is a phase in our lives that doesn’t let us live the way we want. It has many sorrows that we can’t overcome our struggles. Life is the toughest battle that requires a lot of strength to fight out the worries in our lives. It takes ages to know how to finish our problems in life only God can conclude with right solutions to them.

Overall life is a lovely journey, despite it has many sorrows. I believe that we should have the courage to fight our own battles regardless of what the circumstances are in our lives. Be positive and learn to face the worst situations with a big smile on the face!

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Time Never Waits for Anyone, and it Does not Stop for Anything.

Time is the most valuable component in our lives, and it teaches us important lessons. It never stays the same for anyone and it doesn’t halt for anything. We should appreciate time and do things that matter the most in life. There is a clock of life that keeps ticking fast which tells us the concern of time. In life, there are lots of stuffs that requires a period of time but that doesn’t mean it stops for anything. The experience of our life shares many magical moments with our loved ones which are capture in a photo album. People should plan things according to time. They should set a timetable for each activity for their daily life. Being a child is easy because then he/she forget all about time. Our life doesn’t stay the same always, so is the time. The time keeps changing and it is running as well. We should focus on our chores because we don’t know when we can die!

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