Mission Mangal (Mars) Indian Movie Review 🎬🍿

On Friday, August 16, 2019, my parents, and I went to watch a movie called “Mission Mangal” in Al-Fanar Mall at Kuwait City, Kuwait. This movie was based on semi-biological account of the Indian Space Research Organization, scientists who contributed to the Mars Orbiter, Mission, India’s first interplanetary expedition. The movie genre is drama/fantasy and is 2 hours and 5 minutes long in Kuwait. However, bits of scenes from Mission Mangal were crop due to Kuwait’s respect and culture. It is made on a true story.

I love this movie because it has a different concept than the usual movies. It is an educational film especially for all children. All children must watch this because this film encourages about living their dreams and fulfilling them no matter what happens, nothing is impossible for them if they have the confidence and patience to do everything they desire.

This film is not only inspirational for children but for adults as well. Often adults forget about their dreams and goals because they get busy in their lives that they do not look at themselves that they once had a dream to accomplish too! It is a motivational film that inspires all the people to live their dreams and make them true. Hard work and efforts pay off if we are keen on it and that is what the movie is all about.

Love ❤️💚❤️💙💛

True Significance of Love

What is love? What comes into your mind when you hear the word,” love?” Everyone has a different definition of love; some people cannot even put it into words.

We live in a world that is full of love however, love can only be seen and felt if we want to see it. Love is real, and it brings pleasure and sorrow too. Love is through a heart as a petal is to a rose both cannot be separated from each other; similarly, people need a mixture of love and trust together in relationships to not break up.

Love can be defined as a small four-letter word; however, it holds many different types of emotions for people and for all creatures. Love can be in many forms such as friendship, family, helping others, and giving others. Love is when I look at the beggar by the roadside at the traffic light, surrounded by the loud noises and dirty polluted air, especially in over polluted countries where the roads are jammed up with traffic always and I wonder… how can I help? I wonder what their life is like. I desire to reach out and help in a way, in any way.  Love is a form of trust that you learn to reach out for people to give them.  When a woman marries a man, she must leave behind her maternal house to go to her husband’s house wishing for all the love that the husband should be giving to his wife.  Women sacrifice their life, and their parents love for their husbands according to the Indian society and culture.

People express love in many ways. Love is a vital ingredient in any relationship, it aids people to connect with each other and build trust. Love is passionate and commitment.

Love is the foundation of each relationship. Love is not only for lovers, but it is for friendship as well. It is a feeling that shows how you connect and care for people. It is a basic need for humans. We are so sensitive towards love that we get hurt if people do not love us back the way we do them.  Love makes us cry in sad times and it makes us feel joy in wonderful moments. Love adds spice to life that makes life more exciting and interesting to live.  Salt and pepper are needed on a Halloumi sandwich to make it tasty in a same way love and trust are the two main spices that are required to make relationships stronger and healthier. Parents and children share a special kind of love. Parents love their children very much and are willing to sacrifice for their children. Parents think first about their kids then for themselves, and this is how they express their love. To me, a parent love for their child is the purest form of love, and nothing can compare.  In friendship, people spread lots of love to their friends. They share special memories with each other, share secrets with each other, and most importantly they are there for each other through thick and thin.

Love is not only for humans but for animals as well. Animals and humans connect through the mutual language of love. We keep animals as pets to be our companions, friends, and our well-wishers. We start to develop a loving relationship between them as the time passes through.  Once the bonding between pets and us becomes stronger, we get attached to them.  It is hard for us to control our emotions when they are no longer with us.

From my point of view, love plays an important role in my life. I have received and am receiving a lot of love from my family and friends.  I love my family a lot and I love my friends too. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. I thank God that I have friends to spread love to. For me love means everything, to trusting from family and friends.  I cannot express how much love I have.  In the year 2004, I went through a surgery in the United States of America and my family was there for me when I needed them the most. They took care of me and showered all the love to me. For me, love is the biggest healer for any problem in my life.

In India, there is a festival called Raksha Bandhan. This is a festival that celebrates the relationship between a brother and a sister. Raksha Bandhan is a special celebration where a sister ties a colorful and decorative band to her brother’s wrist for his good health and wealth. This tradition in India requires for all the brothers to give sweets, money, and presents to all their sisters. Through this festival the bond between a sister and a brother becomes stronger.

Love is the best solution to any problem in life because we can find solutions if we love ourselves, and others too. According to me, it can save all different types of relationships from breaking up. Love is the biggest medicine than all the other kinds of medicines that can heal all the problems in our lives!

Finally, I would like to conclude that love expresses different kinds of emotions for all the people and creatures. You want to experience love and feel love everywhere you go. Everyone has a different opinion of love. There are many types of love in the world. We are so lucky that we have love to show people that we care about them. Show all the people that love is important, and everything is possible with love!

Favorite Meals! 😋🥣🍵🥢

 General Information about food:       

Food is essential for humans and for the animals. There are different types of foods from different parts of the world which are amazing and unbelievable as well.

   I am writing about my two favorite foods which are from China and Italy. 

My first favorite food is Chinese food.  I would eat starters first which includes vegetarian hot and sour soup and veg spring rolls. For the main course, I would eat vegetarian noodles and rice with vegetables and Manchurian. I love this main course very much.

My second favorite food is Italian food. I love to eat Mediterranean pasta. This pasta includes Fusilli noodles and mushrooms as well. I can eat pasta anytime because I loved it very much.

Important Information/Opinion 

Food is a substance that everyone like to consume, and it is essential as well.  Some people cannot control themselves and they tend to eat more than they should. Due to this, people might have problems of overweight and other problems that will affect them in their future.

My opinion for everyone is that eat in small portions and do not overeat. If you eat in small portions, you will feel good and light just like a bird!