Nature with Plants!

Nature is a precious gift to this world which consists of different plants. We have several gardens that have beautiful and lovely plants. Mostly, we like going for walks in parks to enjoy the nature and fresh air too. The atmosphere with plants makes us feel energetic and peaceful. There are lots of people that love to go for picnics in gardens and they spend their day relaxing and admiring the nature! It is a great way to connect with nature through plants because it gives us a feeling that we are close to nature.

There are two kinds of plants which are indoor and outdoor. Nature is blessed to have several different types of them. Seeing plants grow is a sweet process just like seeing a butterfly spread its wings. They take their own time to become more prettier gradually. Our lives are surrounded with nature that contain plants. Plants spread happiness in our environments because they are special, and they contain unique smell.

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Experiencing nature with plants😊


We are blessed to have seasons in our lives. There are seasons which includes from autumn, fall, spring, summer, and winter that have a great impact in our lifestyle. Our behavior and physical activity get affected too. Several people have different opinions about seasons, and they all have their favorite ones too.  Seasons change with time eventually and it makes our lives run smoothly.

Time and season are two components that create memorable moments in our lives. We can travel around the world in different seasons and share exciting memories with our loved ones together. We are fortunate that we can fulfill our desires!

My favorite seasons are autumn and fall because I love the way how the leaves change their colors and fall on the ground. I admire the lovely view of them. It feels great when they change colors from yellow to orange.

There is a monsoon season in India which comes in July and when we experience rainfalls. The weather becomes wonderful, and the wind turns out to be chilly.  Indians enjoy spicy and tangy snacks in evenings during monsoon.  Some of the adults and children love to dance in the rain and get themselves drench. They forget everything and they feel stress free too. Monsoon is a special season especially for Indians.

Life is interesting because we have seasons that can make us feel content.  Everyone is full of different emotions when it comes to seasons. Seasons light up our moods and they are meaningful in our lives also.

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Creativity in Some Ways!

Everyone is creative in certain ways in their lives! I believe that everyone has a hidden talent in themselves which is hard to find about their skills which can help them to do several imaginary things. Creativity has no age limit, and it aids us to think better and grow up with time. These days during COVID-19, adults and children share tips on social media about different types of recipes which they have never experimented before. Luckily, their cooking turns out to be excellent and they receive likes on them. This is a great way to spend time and do something useful which benefits our mind also. We can become creative in unique styles such as in cooking, drawing, and painting. There are tools for designing and exploring which can guide us too. We should be delighted that we can use numerous ideas to create something out of the world. Wake up and polish your art and show your capability to everyone!


All Wishes!

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We have some wishes that we like to fulfill in our lives! Wishes are like tiny bubbles that are hard to obtain at times because they cannot be achieve easily. We should focus and believe in ourselves that all wishes can come true. There are several reasons that makes life exciting to live and one of them are wishes which gives us a new hope every day to exist.

Sometimes, situations in life become hard that we tend to give up on our desires. We think that wishes are not meaningful in our lives, and they are meant only for children who believe in them. Well, if we want our wishes to come true, we should be confident and positive about them.

There was a time when I used to be negative about wishes and I thought they are not for me because I was waiting eagerly for them to become true. Then I realized, we should be patient and with time it will surely happen! Wishes are like dreams when you can dream, you can find a way to your goal similar when you can wish, you should put all the efforts to reach your wishes!

Overall, wishes has a great impact on us and we should have the courage to accomplish them and do not have any regrets in future! All wishes are precious and priceless to us.

Laughter & Smile are Two Components which Helps Deal with Stress!

In this modern world there is lot of stress in our lives which does not allow us to live a happy and peaceful life. There are several people who are not pleased with their careers and personal lives as well. We should be content in what we have and enjoy although it is hard to attempt. Two components of dealing with stress are laughter and smile. These two things eventually help us get through stress that piles up in our mind and body.

We should learn to cope with stress by laughter because it benefits us. Laughter is like a positive spark that makes our minds positive and stress free too. There is a therapy called laughter therapy which many people perform in gardens while going for their morning walks. They feel relaxed and all their tensions fly away.  Laughter is the best medicine for everyone, and it makes life easy too.

There is another way to deal with our tensions and that is through smiling. Smiling is a tool that makes each problem handle safely. Sometimes, in life when all troubles seem worrisome and there is no other simple solution to it, the best thing we could do is smile and console ourselves that we can get through this! Positive thinking is important for us, and it is healthy as well. We can grasp our worries with a big smile on our faces!

I suggest that everyone should act wisely with stress in their lives. These two things are like pills that will give us energy to solve our troubles and live a better life!  Make a small change and see then what happens.

My Favorite Destinations!

We all have our favorite destinations that we love to explore! Life is beautiful and it has several countries that we can discover and travel. We should be grateful that we have this opportunity to fly to our preferred countries because not many people get to do sightseeing.

Well, I am going to list my favorite destinations😍

  • Goa is one of the states in India and I love it because I went parasailing. It was adventurous and amazing!
  • Dublin is the capital of Ireland and I admire the greenly and the mountains there.
  • Saint Petersburg is where I saw Opening Bridge and the view was incredible during the evening.
  • Floating Market in Bangkok was a great experience that I had and where my family & I clicked a family photo.
  • Switzerland is a wonderful country where I took a tour in cable car and explored the view from top!

So, these are some of my favorite countries that I liked exploring and visiting too. I am thankful that I get to see these places!

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What are your favorite places?

Being Positive in All Circumstances!

We should stay positive in our life no matter what the situations are. It is hard to be positive at times due to the circumstances we face in life but at least we should give it a shot! I know saying is much easier than applying it in our lives. I am sharing some quotes about

Quotes about positivity

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”– Roy T. Bennett

“The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own thinking,”– Robert H Shuller

“Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination, always consider alternatives, and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible.”– Rodolfo Costa

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you.”– Shannon L. Alder

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”– Oprah Winfrey

“Impossible is just an opinion, don’t buy it.”– Robin Sharma

“Don’t hang with negative people. They will pull you down with them. Instead, invite them into your light and together you will both shine strong.”– L.F. Young

I got these quotes from this website:

My viewpoint on positivity

Life has many ups & downs, and it throws several problems at us, but we should act with a positive attitude. We should fight and never give up even if we are going through the toughest time. There will be many obstacles that will block our way to success, but we can overcome these hardships just by being confident and optimistic!

Flowers Express Different Kinds of Emotions in All Relationships!

Flowers are a great way to communicate and share our feelings with others. We are lucky that we have several kinds of flowers to convey our emotions. Some of the most common flowers are lilies, roses, tulips, and marigolds. Our moods get brighten up just by seeing these beautiful and fresh flowers. They are available for several occasions and flowers bring growth and excitement in all relationships!

When someone close gives us flowers, we get delighted no matter what the festival is. This is a form of love and appreciation which we get from him or her. Similarly, when a person is having a bad day at home or with work, flowers can be helpful to make their day turn from awful to a nice day.  Any small gesture of concern makes us feel special!

Flowers are like a small bundle of happiness that spread love and friendships in relationships. They build stronger bonds in our lives also. They can improve our lifestyle just by feeling positive and happy. The aroma of flowers is wonderful which lightens us up.

In relationships, flowers are useful to make your close ones feel best. There are different emotions in a relationship that can be fix up with flowers. For example, if a husband broke his wife favorite gadget accidentally then he makes it to her by giving flowers so that her temper does not go up too high 😁.

We are fortunate that we have flowers to make relationships lasts longer. Our emotions play a great role in our relationships because they are the foundations of a relationship. Flowers communicate better than humans sometimes because humans cannot express themselves well.


Happiness is important in our lives because it makes life enjoyable and fill with love & laughter! We should appreciate and thank God for happiness in our lives. Our lifestyle has a great impact when we receive happiness. We can find happiness in small moments if we look in a positive way towards life. Our body and mind are peaceful when we get happiness, it works best for us like a medicine for all our sorrows!

Pray with a Pure Heart & Patience!

A prayer with a pure heart is like a blue clear & crystal water
Prayer is done to worship God similarly as it is to please Him
Praying with a pure heart can do several miracles in our lives!
It should not have any wrong intentions towards God so that your prayers can be fulfill easily!

Praying with a pure heart can do several things for us in lives. We should believe in ourselves and never give up. Patience is a key towards our success, and we can achieve our prayers also. Once we set our aim to certain task, nothing can be impossible to obtain! We should have a strong willpower too. Our patience counts the most to God!

Fashion Tips!

These days everyone including youngsters like new fashion trends across the world. They love to follow the latest styles that are available to them no matter what they are and whether it suits them or not.  Everyone keeps running to buy what people say to them about fashion and they do not think once about the money being wasted on things which does not suit them in future.  Fashion should be done in a way that matches with a person’s personality. We should create our own fashion rather than replica others.

Fashion tips:

  1. Dress according to what suits you the most
  2. Buy cosmetics that matches your skin color
  3. Decide yourself when things get outdated rather than someone telling you
  4. Once purchase things, use them wisely and do not waste them
  5. Check the expiry dates of products before buying
  6. Do not buy things unless you have research about them beforehand
  7. Be alert with all beauty products because some products can harm your body and skin
  8. Follow the instructions of all things that are written in the guide, do not use your own technique
  9. Buy your clothes that you like instead of asking your friends or family members
  10. Value your money and things because not everyone is lucky as you are

Here are fashion tips that will help you all decide your fashion and guide you to have a great lifestyle also. We should proceed these techniques because they will be beneficial for us in our future. Fashion comes with yourself not with others!

Miracles are Small Bundle of Unexpected Surprises!

Miracles are like small surprises that we all expect from our lives! Do you all believe in miracles? Sometimes, we all think that miracles do not exist in our lives because of the circumstances that we are facing day to day.  Life is full of ups and downs, and it is like a puzzle which cannot be solved easily. There are times in our lives when we feel hopeless and depressed, we cannot understand how we can cope up with our emotions and behavior too.

Several people believe that putting lots of efforts in something they admire will eventually lead to their goals and help them create miracles for their future. They want to achieve success and fame too. At times it is hard to believe for themselves that they can gain victory through their struggles also. People should be positive and learn to face challenges too. Through hard work, people can create a huge difference for them!

We often think that miracles are unexpected surprises that are given to us by chance but that is not right. We get what we do in life and please God then He showers miracles on us!

There are people who take things for granted and they depend on miracles to save them. This is wrong for them to do and think as well. Miracles are supposed to flow like running water in peoples’ lives due to their hard work. People should work to get awarded and they should be positive in life! Miracles work for them only if people are true and hardworking!