Will + Power = Willpower!

When we have a strong willpower in life and when we believe in ourselves then nothing seems impossible! When there is a will, there is always a way out!

Our willpower determines who we are and what we can do. We should have a strong one always and we should fight for what is ours. In other words, it is the ability to have control on us.

Most of the times, we forget that we have the ability to do everything, and we think that we can’t do certain things, but we should build our confidence and self-esteem to beat anything that comes our way.

We all have a willpower inside us which lights up new hope to try new things too. When we desire something with full faith and determination then it has to become true no matter what!

If we have high ambitions in life, we should have a strong willpower to accomplish them because without believing in ourselves we will not get where we want to be in life! It is important to keep our willpower strong!


Being an Inspiration!

There are several ways that we can get inspired from and they help us to do wonderful things too.

Inspiration comes from looking at others, and what they do and how they achieve their dreams and goals.

Sometimes, we feel tired and hopeless in life that we can’t see a better tomorrow, but we should get inspired from everyone and think they can do it then why can’t we? There is nothing that can’t be possible in life, and this should be the mindset for each one of us!

I have set a new meaning for the word of inspiration which will aid you all in understanding it in a better way.


I-Important to feel hopeful by seeing others &

N- Not envying from them

S- Supporting everyone with great spirit, also

P- Planning out things too

I- In an organized way yet

R- Relying on people to make you do what you want to do,

A-Anyone won’t make you succeed in life except you,

T- There are two sides of everything

I- It is high time you realize

O-Only you can get inspired in a positive way if you set your mind to it,

N- Never copy others just build your own inspiration!

Being inspired is a good quality and everyone should get inspired to do everything in life no matter how difficult it is!

A Break is Needed Always!

Most of the time, we are busy in our lives that we forget to take a break from everything! We are too occupied with things in our personal or professional lives that we don’t notice that we are missing out the precious time that we want to spend with our loved ones. We keep delaying our break and at the end nothing goes well as planned.

Here are some tips that we could plan out a great break!

  • Plan a small holiday to your favorite destination!
  • Take a break from work!
  • Do anything that excites you the most!
  • Spend time with your loved ones who makes you feel special.
  • Go for head massages, manicures, and pedicures to feel fresh.
  • Sleep as much as you want to!

I have listed 6 tips which I think is good for taking a break.

How do you all take a break?

Our Sentiments are Fragile!

We should respect each other’s sentiments because they are precious and priceless too! There are many people in our lives that come and go, and some people hurt us so badly that we cannot forget or forgive them easily!

There is a limit to everything, and most people need to understand it well. They should think twice before speaking because our emotions matter!

As you all know that time is the biggest healer and with time everything settles down too. Same goes with our sentiments, time teaches us how to live with it! We become stronger and learn to fight for our feelings!

Sentiments are like tiny pearls because they are precious in a way! They are feelings that makes us react in different situations. Our sentiments get hurt just like a needle pricks our finger, but the only difference is that it doesn’t bleeds, it pains!

Dealing with sentiments can be difficult because it takes time to get over with it! Our sentiments are valuable, and no one should have the rights to play with them as they like or want to!

Faith Says It All!

Faith is an element which makes us believe that we can do everything in this world! It is so powerful that it can change anything. Faith depends on ourselves and how we see things too. Faith is an ingredient in life which makes us feel confident in achieving difficult goals. Faith makes all things possible and without it nothing is possible!

Sometimes, several struggles weaken our faith, and we give up easily, but we shouldn’t do that. We should keep on trying until we succeed. Once we lose faith in anyone or anything, it is hard to have faith again. Our faith is being tested many times, and it goes through many challenges too. God wants to see if our faith is strong or not and that is why He gives problems so that He can know how we face them!

Fight each problem with a strong willpower and see how your faith grows too and makes you stronger than before as a person!

Our battles become easy when we put all our faith on God and on ourselves! When we have no faith at all, all our trouble feels worrisome. Never let your faith stumble no matter what happens in life because at the end faith is all that matters in everything we do!

I agree with this!

Significance of Parenthood!

Parents are important in everyone’s lives because of them we are here in this world. They handle all our actions! Being a parent is not easy at all because there are several responsibilities that a parent has to perform for their children!

This is what parenthood means to me!

P- Parents prepare their children to strongly face many hardships!

A-All parents love their children unconditionally and support them throughout their lives!

R-Rich or poor parents are one and they believe in their children that they can do wonders.

E-Every child has traits from the parents which makes them special from others!

N- Never take your parents for granted!

T- Time passes by quickly these days so spend it wisely with your parents.

H-Holding back our feeling from parents is difficult because they can easily understand that something is bothering us.

O- Our parents will never get old for us!

O- One day, we will be in their roles just like they are in ours!

D- Dealing with all kinds of responsibilities is called parenthood!

Do You Make Choices from Mind or Heart?

We all make choices more from heart than from our mind mostly but sometimes there are situations that make us think from our mind. Our mind makes the choices that our heart doesn’t agree and that is best for us even though we don’t know! We get confused often when we make a choice that is not coming from our heart! Sometimes, making choices and decisions from our mind is right.

There are circumstances in life when we have to make choices that are best for us, when our heart says no but mind says yes. We can’t make choices that we think are right because our heart says so. Things are challenging these days, our choices must be right for us! We shouldn’t have regrets when we make choices!

Some choices are easy to make, and some are hard. Choices come in different options, and we have to see what the right choice for us is! At times, choices are various, and we are struggling to make the right one!

Most of time, our choices reflect on many things such as in career and personal life and we are so overwhelmed in making the right ones for us!

It is not easy as it sounds to make choices from mind than heart! How many of you agree with me?

Facing Rejections!

Rejections are so painful and yet so stressful to handle in every stage of life.

If rejections happen a lot, they make us give up easily on everything!

They make us feel heartbroken in every way.

We feel that we are good for nothing, and we won’t succeed in life.

Opportunities fades away from us!

Second chance seems nowhere to us!

Everyone just says no without seeing our talent!

We deserve to know what we did wrong!

Rejections doesn’t let us to prove ourselves!

It shows that we don’t get accepted despite of our capabilities!

Family Matters the Most!

Family is the most important pillar that we have in our lives! A family makes our lives complete, and they are with us through thick and thin times. We should be grateful that we have a family where we can share our happiness and sorrows with them. Everyone is not blessed like us to have a family and those people feel left out! Family is vital for life because we need their love and support throughout our lives! We feel safe and secure when we have a family!

The Significance of Family!

  • Family makes all our bonds stronger.
  • It solves conflicts between their loved ones!
  • Gives useful advice in making decisions.
  • Shares precious memories with each other!
  • Keeps everyone happy and together as a unity!
  • Trusts each other.

The meaning of family in one sentence to me is….

I believe family matters the most out of everything in this world!

A message that I would like to remind you all is that respect your family and never take them for granted!

We can get everything back once we lose but we can’t get family again so value them!

Childhood Times were the Best!

We all have great memories from our childhood. We used to enjoy our life to the most and there was nothing that made us stress. We used to play indoors with family and friends and there weren’t any gadgets with us, but we still had great fun! I am sure everyone would agree with me on that!

Everyone would remember their precious childhood memories from time to time and recall their priceless moments with their loved ones. Life was simple back then when we lived with pride and with small things which made us happy such as being with our relatives and eating homemade foods!

Spending time with our family and listening to their chats and joking with them was wonderful and we didn’t get bored at that time. We didn’t sit in our houses we went out to play. We were physically moving more than we are today!

Looking back at our memorable memories makes us not forget these times that we had in our childhood and brings out laughter and joy to our faces!

Our childhood times were the best out of all because there wasn’t any kind of stress during the frame of time. Everyone would love their childhood memories and they would wish that they could go back and live once again as a child!

Trust Your Capabilities!

There are and will be several situations that will make us have a doubt on our capabilities, but we shouldn’t believe so! We should never give up trying anything new.

Everyone should be brave to show the world that what they are capable of doing in their lives. They all have hidden talents which the world is unaware of them!

Challenges come in life, but we should take them with great courage!

Take small steps and prove everyone your capabilities and show that nothing is impossible for you in the world! Don’t let the world question your capabilities! Keep believing in yourself and in your capabilities!

Life Twists & Turns of Everything!

There are twists and turns in life and no one’s life is perfect! Sometimes these things make us stronger in life and sometimes they make us weak. It is on us to how to react to the things around us! If life were perfect, there would be no adventure to explore! These twists and turns make life interesting and spicy to live!

Some things give us happiness to live, and some give us sorrow to live as well. Everything is part of life, and we should take life easy. There are small moments in life that put a smile on our face and make lots of great memories too.

Everything in life doesn’t stay the same always and we should be positive in life and handle situations with great courage. Twists and turns are part of everyone’s life, and they make their lives more meaningful to live. Each one of us has a different story going on in life and the God is writing out our story! Every stage in life is difficult no doubt, but we should have patience to deal with it. There is no one that can live your life for you, you have to live your own and face your struggles by yourself! Twists and turns are never easy and unpredictable for everyone!