Never Do ABC’s

There are 3 powerful words that we should not use for anyone in life which are ABUSE, BLAME, and CURSE. These words spread negativity around us, and they destroy relationships too.

Never abuse, blame, and curse anyone in life because life is short to act this way. If you want people to treat you with respect, then you should treat them too in the same sequence. We should think twice before speaking because these words can hurt someone’s feelings and emotions.

Often times, our upbringing plays a great role for us because we are taught several things that would help us live a better life. So, when we are young, it is important to teach us how to become a good human being.

3 Powerful ABC’s

  • Don’t abuse anyone in life.
  • Don’t blame someone without any valid reason.
  • Don’t curse anyone just because you don’t like them.

Remember, we should try to become a good human being and spread happiness, laughter, and love to others and not hatred & jealousy around.

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