Talk with Wisdom!

We should speak with wisdom in our surroundings so that the society treats us with respect. We should never say anything that we aren’t sure of something which leads us into trouble.

Some matters are personal, and they require us to stay out and not interfere at all. There are few people that love to talk in matters which are not theirs and they make a big deal about them.

I have come up with a new meaning for this phrase Talk with Wisdom!

T- Talk with always knowing the truth,

A- Accept that no one wants you to interfere in their lives,

L- Learn to leave others alone to give them the space they want,

K- Keep your ears and mouth shut when you hear a rumor,

W- Why do people have to know everything?

I- In other houses,

T- They should mind their own business,

H-However, people enjoy gossiping about others,

W- Whether others like it or not,

I- In this worldwide web,

S- Some are great in hiding what they hear,

D- Doesn’t make a mess about it,

O- Only reveals to who they trust,

M- Most of the time!


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