The Ego

Everyone has an ego that comes up in their lives in a point of time. There are many situations and there will be situations which will make us go through things which might hurt our egos.

Things We Should Do To Stop Hurting Our Egos!

  1. Speak politely and with respect to others in career and personal life.
  2. Avoid doing things which leads to hurting the ego.
  3. Men and women’s egos are the same no one is bigger always keep this in mind before behaving badly.
  4. Controlling our anger in difficult situations.

There are chances that men think always that they can say anything to everyone, and it is okay to do that, but they don’t realize that their words can prick someone’s ego so terribly that the person can be affected in a negative way.

The ego can be big or small, but it shouldn’t come between others no matter what the situation is and how it is!

To Me Ego is ending grudges out of our system if we can, it will be helpful!

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