Trusting Our Instincts!

There are many things that come in our lives that make us know what will happen at that moment because we feel it and number of times it becomes true. Don’t you all agree with me?

In life, there are situations that prepare us for many different challenges, and we should be brave enough to handle them. Sometimes, we get a hint from our instincts that something is going to happen, and we should be alert.

Instincts come to us at a glance for something and for someone. They are like fast thoughts that come and go just like a blink of an eye!

Trusting our instincts is difficult because we don’t know whether it is a positive thing or a negative thing that will turn out to be.

These are the words that come to my mind when I think of instinct.

  • Confused
  • Mixed feelings
  • Right
  • Trusting
  • Wrong
  • Undecided

Are these some of your words too which comes to your mind?


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