The Beauty of Nature!

Nature is everywhere no matter in different countries! There are lots of beautiful flowers and plants all around the corner such as in streets and houses too.

These creations are all from God and we are lucky to see the beauty of nature in this planet called earth.

I have made up a new meaning for The Beauty of Nature.

T-Truly amazing to see greenery everywhere we walk around.

H-Has a positive attitude on people when they explore the nature.

E-Everyone enjoys having picnics in gardens!

B-Beaches are filled with birds flying high up in the sky!

E-Eating homemade food while listening to the sound of soothing waves by the sea!

A– All kinds of plants start growing in different seasons.

U-Using our precious time to capture the lovely pictures of the nature!

T-The sunlight is important for all kinds of plants growth.

Y-You should never miss out any opportunity to visit the wonders of nature.

O-Our planet is the most beautiful because we are blessed with creations of the nature.

F-Forests are filled with green trees!

N-Never mistreat the wonders of it!

A-Anyone shouldn’t hurt the nature.

T-Today, people are spending their time indoors, and they are forgetting about nature.

U-Understanding the importance of nature is required.

R-Respecting it matters the most!

E-Expecting people to take good care of the nature is not too much to ask for!

This is a piece of advice for my friends that I am sharing here. I want you all to know that nature is important in the world, and we should care and value it in our lives. This is God’s creation, and we should enjoy every bit of it!

Flowers on the Coast HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 2048x1364

3 Replies to “The Beauty of Nature!”

  1. Hi Richa Soni. I like this post, I love the beauty of nature. All of it, all around us. I think that the beauty and power of the natural world is cheapened by the idea of a supernatural being who apparently created it, as if the natural world could not have created itself through purely physical and chemical means, but that’s OK, I have invisible friends too … they’re just not all-powerful and all-knowing supernatural creatures who created the universe and stand in judgement of our souls.

    All the best mate, I respect your views,

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