Heartbreaks when Failing in Life.

Several times, we feel broken and get dishearten because we have failed a couple of times in life. Life feels depressed because we can’t beat our challenges & failures and have hopes to regain our self-confidence once again.

When we get hurt from issues in life it is difficult to console ourselves and it takes time to build our self-esteem too. We don’t want to break down, but we are tied up with the different types of emotions inside us that makes us feel this way, and we think that we don’t have any goals to follow.

I have come up with something that would describe what is it like to experience heartbreaks when you think to give up all hopes.

The word, heartbreak is so deep, and it gives us tears in our eyes especially if our dreams and goals shattered.


H=Holding our grudges and feelings inside our heart.

E=Everything is depressing around us because we can’t see a brighter tomorrow.

A=Accepting the reality is the hardest part when facing a problem.

R=Relationships matter the most during heartbreaks.

T=Tears forming day and night to feel better because this is the way a person deals with a breakdown.

B=Blaming for the things that might had happened.

R=Running away from the world.

E=Eagerly waiting for something new after a major problem.

A=Anxious and eating when not hungry at all.

K=Keeping everyone away from ourselves for a period of time.

S=Saddest memory never fades away too soon from our lives.

Broken Heart Syndrome: Illness After Loss - Hospice Care of the Lowcountry

10 Replies to “Heartbreaks when Failing in Life.”

  1. दीवार की ओट में चिराग नहीं बुझाता,
    उम्मीद गर है तो जीवन निराश नहीं होता ।

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