Sometimes it takes Fate & Luck for Everything.

Fate and luck are like two ingredients that makes life interesting to live. How many of you will agree with me? There is a reason for everything that happens in life, and we have to accept it.

We wait for our luck to turn out to be in our favor most of the time for everything we do. Fate is something that we can’t fight for to be in our favor because we have no control on it.

There are several times that we blame our struggles to fate because we can’t accept our own mistakes but that is not how it is. We get things in life according to our karmas that we had performed in past lives. This is the reality and how the life works for all of us.

Difficulties are in everyone’s lives these days, and people are dealing with it in their own ways. Some people are strong enough that they brawl with great courage and on the other hand, some are weak, and they can’t handle their problems at all, and they give up.

I believe that trying to face and solve all troubles in our life will give us a better chance to enjoy life instead of thinking about our destiny and luck for waiting things to come true!

Sometimes it takes fate and luck for everything is a phrase that is used to assume things that can come true and make us feel better and hope for something brighter to enter in our lives. Fate and luck go together because luck gives a new direction to fate and makes our destiny to shine as well.

How much is our life ruled by fate; how much is determined by luck? -  Fairness...

6 Replies to “Sometimes it takes Fate & Luck for Everything.”

  1. Hi Richa Soni, I like this post and the many questions it raises, I definitely don’t believe that there is a force or power (aside from our individual powers) or god or mystical ‘fates’ or other meta-physical garbage like destiny, but as I have said, I like this post.
    Respect from Woody.

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