Destiny or Predictions?

Destiny is undecided future that no one knows in this world. We try to make several predictions for ourselves for a better life for us, but we are not successful in fulfilling. We predict many things, but things happen according to God’s will.

Few lines about destiny and predictions that I have created.

Destiny is a broad subject that involves our future and experiences that we go through in our lives!

Sometimes, we desire and want several goals to accomplish in our time frame but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen unless it is design to.

Predictions are easy to make but they are hard to achieve no matter what they are and how big they are.

We get so confused in solving some complicated things around us that we make mistakes and put a blame on our destiny for it.

Once something is written in a destiny for us, no one can change it.

Life is unexpectable and so is destiny and predictions. We are struggling in between these two things that we can’t accept things to be the way it should be. Often times, we think that we can’t get what we dream because it is not in our destiny, but we shouldn’t think that way. We as humans are strong enough to fight our future and try to change what is in destiny for us! Sometimes, an effort changes everything that is impossible to even imagine.

6 Replies to “Destiny or Predictions?”

  1. Great post! Destinies can be changed by the decisions we make and with hard work. Life is what you make it. If our destinies are predetermined, then where does free will come in?

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