Keys to Freedom

What does freedom to you all mean?

Everyone has his or her description of freedom that has an impact on their lives.

In my opinion, I think freedom should be allowed and given to each individual in today’s generation because it is important so that people won’t feel that they stuck in between whether in things or with others around them.

Freedom is a way to access independence and do things at our own styles and ways that make us feel that we are not relying on people at all.

I have created a short poem on keys to freedom that will give you all a different perspective of the word, freedom.

Keys to Freedom

Freedom is something that needed for everyone in life because everyone deserves to have space in their life.

We are lucky that we get to choose our own freedom for us, and we decide how to go with it.

Life throws us different opportunities and we have the ability to make our own wise decisions for it.

Success in our life leads to the freedom of happiness.

Freedom is needed to achieve our dreams and wishes sparkle out brightly!

These are some points about freedom which I have highlighted in a short poem which will tell the main purpose of freedom in our lives!

Moral of the story is that freedom is important because it makes everyone feels that they have their own space to do anything just the way they love to!

The Key To Freedom of Bronze Color Stock Photo - Image of chain, security:  110866188


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