Truth or dare which will You Choose?

This is a game that people play with their friends and family often. The game is played with a bottle. This game gives us the opportunity to reveal several secretive truths about our family and friends.

Most people are brave to choose to dare when given the option between truth or dare to choose from because they are being challenged by others! These people are great champions when given a dare to do. They act like they can perform anything from anyone which gives a command but in reality, these people are scared.

On the other hand, there are people who choose truth between dare, and they are honest in telling everyone whatever their friends have asked to.

Everyone enjoys this game, and it is a great way to spend time with family and friends in parties.

Life is a game, and we are living in this world and doing our jobs and we all are in some point in time are not being truthful as we are supposed to be doing for our personal purposes. We should always speak the truth but sometimes our circumstances won’t let us do that.

I believe that this game teaches us life lessons and helps us overcome our fears too. When a person does something out of her or his comfort zone, they realize their importance of everything. Being truthful is easy but doing a dare is difficult at times because we don’t know what someone might ask us to do so.

There are challenges and risks in this game and similarly, our life is full of obstacles that we have to pass through each obstacle and find the best solution which makes us live our life in an exciting way!

Never be afraid of choosing the dare option because it will encourage you in a better way!

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13 Replies to “Truth or dare which will You Choose?”

  1. Richa, this is a fun game! You wrote a wonderful post about it. Sometimes the game can be treacherous if played with weird people. On a dare, I had to walk on all fours down the apartment path and bark as loud as I could while people looked at me from out their windows. LOL.

  2. Would you mind if someday I make a post about some of the dares I did in this game? I know it was your idea which is why I am asking. ♥️

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