Being a Vegetarian is a Best Option for Everyone!

People should become a vegetarian because being one is healthier than anything else. I strongly believe that eating vegetables gives us more nutrients for our body and brain.

On the other hand, why should we become a non-vegetarian and kill animals so that we could eat them. I think this is wrong for us to act this way. We should take care of the animals and not harm them in any way or form.

Being a vegetarian is a best choice according to me because we are getting more nutrients in our body and brain. We will fall less sick, and we won’t gain weight from eating vegetables! Having a variety of salads are healthy in our lifestyle and it is best for vegetarians as well.

I have come up with an acronym for the word, vegetarian!

V= Vegetables are healthier and full of different nutrients for adults and children.

E= Everyone should think about all the animals before killing them for their own purposes!

G= Green leafy vegetables give us lots of iron in our diet.

E= Elements for being a vegetarian are several!

T= Tofu is a high source of protein which will give you all nutrients just like a chicken has it.

A= All people should protect animals’ safety.

R= Read the countless advantages of becoming a vegetarian.

I= Ingredients in a vegetarian meal will never make you feel that you have overeaten.

A= Amazing recipes are available on the internet which will never make you get bored of eating vegetables.

N= Noticeable changes in our lifestyle if we stick to being a vegetarian all our lives!

Overall, vegetarian is the best choice because it makes us feel good and our body enriches with all minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Our lifestyle will improve and be bright as well because our body and mind need a variety of ingredients to become a healthy human being. Vegetables have more nutrients than a chicken or a fish have!

Vegetarian Diets for Weight Loss
Being a vegetarian is a best option for everyone!

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