Struggling for a Better Purpose in Life!

We get tired of struggling for a better motive in our lives. These days, everyone is struggling some way or the another in their lives. We have tried many ways to succeed in our career, but we lose hope soon. Struggling is a staircase toward our success that is how I feel because without any struggle there are not any accomplishments. Purpose is important in life because then we have something to do, and it becomes our dream to achieve it.

Life has several ups and downs, and we get discouraged often. We don’t know how to deal with them. We think that we have tried enormous techniques to know how we are capable of doing things and finding out that what we love the most! Everyone goes through tough challenges and obstacles too. Sometimes, it takes years to find out what is the purpose of our lives. No one life’s is easy-going and perfect these days! Some people are struggling for career and health, or they are just waiting for the right time in their lives to earn a good name and to prosper as well.

In conclusion to all this, our struggles don’t end here at all. When we are living, we get many struggles to face! There is no great life without any struggling and that is how we get what we desire from life. Struggling is part of the process of our wonderful future!

8 Replies to “Struggling for a Better Purpose in Life!”

  1. So true. I think that as humans, part of the bargain is that we must struggle and even suffer in order to grow and change – hopefully for the better! Thanks!

  2. Great post! Sometimes I think about that Bible verse: “The spirit is willing but the body is weak.” Yes, it’s a struggle. But your are correct in that once we have our purpose set in front of us, we can strive for it. Thank you!

  3. I enjoyed your post. I’m wondering how you are going about finding your purpose. Are you creating detailed plans for your days? Are you experimenting with new activities? Are you serving more?

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