Things which We Take for Granted!

Sometimes, in life there are several things that we take for granted and aren’t thankful for. We run away for things that we don’t have in life, and we forget what we have. It takes lots of courage and patience to know that we are wasting our time in other things which are not important. We think that we don’t have any dreams and goals to achieve but in reality, we do have several things that we can do. We can build our careers and get a great job, to be independent in life. The 3 things that we take for granted are the following ones.


We take for granted being loved by everyone. We think that we have lots of love from everybody and we can become a spoil brat. When getting love from everyone, we have gained all their trust which makes us feel special all the time. When we have committed something wrong, we think that we can get over it because they won’t argue with us. Love should be done wisely with everyone because receiving love is a great blessing!


All the rich people take money for granted because they think that they will never lose money. Money is easy to spend but difficult to earn, and some wealthy people think that they can afford anything in the world. They are so proud of their money that they don’t think once before spending lots of it. When people start earning in early years, they don’t think of saving it and when the time comes of retirement, they hardly have money. Money is necessary for living and we should keep some for our future too.


Several people think that they have lots of time and they can do anything they love! They keep waiting for the right time to come and they will achieve their ambitions by then. Time doesn’t wait for everyone, it runs fast. We think that we can do whatever we desire in our upcoming future. Often, we get too involve in other things, we realize that we have wasted our time doing nothing at all. We should value our time and never take it for granted as well.

So, here are the 3 things that we take them for granted. These things are important in our life, and we should respect them always. There comes a point in life which will make us frightened if we lose these 3 things beforehand!

5 Replies to “Things which We Take for Granted!”

  1. Excellent article on the three things we take for granted. Love, money, and time … true words, Richa. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. 🎈

  2. Very well written.
    Most people at some point do take time, love and money for granted and once it’s not there they understand the actual value!!!

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