Promises are commitments made to not reveal somebody’s secrets to anyone else. When somebody makes a promise to someone, he or she trusts that person completely.

Promises are important in our lives because they teach us how to trust someone and they make us understand the relationships between people. Promises are like small favors that people do for others. They know that if they break others promises, these people will never trust them anymore. Sometimes, a person doesn’t understand what he or she can do because they don’t want their friends/family to get angry if they reveal anything. Promises make people come closer if they don’t break their promises! These people tend to believe them more if they see that their family can keep their promises! They have somebody to share their secrets if they see the person reliable. Life is difficult because several people think that they are no people that can fulfill their promises on time. Suppose when the right time comes to fulfill a promise they step back from their word! These people forget what they had promise to a certain person and when that happens, they feel sad. It is like they have lost everything and couldn’t handle the issue well.

Overall, promises are small favors that people make for others to keep their secrets. These promises are vital because they help us form good relationships with others. We should not break others’ trust by not breaking their promises! It hurts when somebody breaks a promise and people cannot forgive them at all. These people won’t be able to believe them once again!

Promises made to each other!

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