Different Kinds of Temples but the Destinations are One!

There are different kinds of places of worship around the world. There are many religions too and we have a diversity of cultures also. People around the world travel to religious places to pray to God for their good health, for their safety, and for their wealth. These temples are different, but the destinations are one. It is truly amazing that we have various temples for each one of us such as churches, mandirs, and mosques. God is one, but the directions are several that make the ways combined to one.

Churches are holy places for Christians to worship Jesus. There are churches everywhere around the world. Christians believes in Jesus who is their God. Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Good Friday. They keep 40 days fast before Easter comes every year. Christians are baptized once.

Mandirs are worship locations for Hindus. There are several Mandirs for Hindus in India. In Hindu religion, there are handful of Gods, such as Mata Rani, and Sai Baba. Hindus celebrate Diwali, Holi, and Navaratri which is also called Durga Pooja that occurs twice every year. Navaratri is a festival where they fast for 9 days. They shouldn’t eat garlic, onion, and nonveg. Every Hindu follows this for 9 days.

Mosques are devotion places for Muslims. Mosques are everywhere where Muslims are. There are 5 daily prayers. Every Muslim goes for Hajj in Mecca that is in Saudi Arabia which is mandatory once in their lifetime. Ramadan is a biggest festival for them where they fast for a month. The fast is hard where they don’t drink and eat for hours. They break their fast in evenings around 5pm or 6pm. After Ramadan comes Eid, where the fasting finishes and they celebrate by wearing new clothes and they get money.

As in the conclusion to this, these are the holy places which every Christian, a Hindus, and a Muslim goes to worship their God. God is one but there are several directions that people follow. God doesn’t differentiate between people but there are lots of people that is the reason He divided us into different religions to worship Him.

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