The Bitter Unseen Truth!

Sometimes life becomes so challenging and hard that we can’t face the truth. We hide from ourselves the reality but deep down we know the whole matter seriously. We come across many struggles and try our best to fight against them but somehow, we fail to. Our lives can’t be running smoothly there has to be something going on which is part of life.

The reality of life is like a bitter fruit such as a lemon, which people have to taste without their consent. 
We try many times to ride our boat of life smoothly, but we can't always, life has many problems that can't be fixed at all!
There are several pages of life that can't be changed by people. It has to be done by God; we don't have the right to. Every chapter has something going on!
Sometimes, we feel suffocated because of our troubles going on in our lives that we plan to give up.
Life doesn't stop, it goes on running as the clock keeps ticking too.
There are happy and depressed moments that makes life interesting to live.
Life has no meaning if we can't deal with our struggles peacefully.
There comes a point in life that seems so boring because we can't get what we wished for!
Life should be lived in the present moment rather in future because we don't know what our future holds.
The reality of our life is hard to accept because it has many ups and downs.

Life is like a river which flows fast these days, and we can’t hold it and so is the time. Every day is a new day, but our struggles are in our hands, and we should learn how to overcome them! Every family is going through something in life, and this is a bitter unseen truth. We look at people only when they are cheerful in their lives, but we never see them when they are in a problem!

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