Kindness & Humanity☺

In these days, people should be kind and help each other out. People should act wisely with each other. They shouldn’t forget about humanity and their true values. These two ingredients are important in every person on this planet. People should respect others’ cultures and traditions too. The sad thing is that as the world is growing, there are less people who are likely to get involve in aiding others. They only think about themselves, and they are greedy also.

There should be a circle where people meet once a week and help the needful ones. People should stop going to parties or movies rather than to think about doing a volunteering thing. In Kuwait where I live, unfortunately there are no volunteering services and because of this I don’t like it! There should be a charity that do special things for all people in Kuwait. We should all contribute our part in humanity!

What do you think about this? How should we help in these times? How do we start helping? These questions occur to me, and I am sure it occurs to everyone too!

Stop Selling, Start Helping | SmallBizClub
Start helping!

2 Replies to “Kindness & Humanity☺”

  1. It’s ironical that humanity in humans are missing these days… Inhuman nature, egoistic attitude, greed, jealous etc have taken over humanity and down to earth…

    In hindi there is a famous line, इंसान सब कुछ बन गए पर इंसान नही बन पाए।

    Very nice post 👍👍👍

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