The Tug of War that Continues till Today.

These days, people take many things for granted in life whether it is money and relationships. They don’t know what the importance for each in their lives is. Sometimes, people make silly mistakes, and they lose the value of good things. They don’t know how to balance between money and relationships! When people become rich, they develop an ego, and they think that they can form any relationships with money but that is not how it is. Money can’t buy good relationships!

People are greedy when it comes to money, they want to make lots of money. Some are so blessed with money, but they still want to have more money so they can fill up their pockets and make others feel jealous. The battle of making money can’t be finish from this world at all.

Sometimes, relationships get affected because of money because if a husband works and a wife works too, then there will be arguments. They will be jealous from each other because that is how people behave, they can’t see each other progress. On the other hand, there are couples who contribute to each other’s success. These kinds of people are few in this world now! All relationships are hard to build, and we should not let money be bigger than relationships. Money can be earned, but relationships are hard to earn and that to real and true ones!

This is the ongoing battle in the world around us. Money can fulfill our needs, but it can’t buy true happiness. Relationships are so delicate; they can break easily, and they are hard to get fixed. As for money it is the opposite because when money is gone, it can be achieved back slowly with time!

There is a game called tug of war and suppose if one side is money and the other is relationships, who would you think would win? The answer lies within us because it is our perspective how we see to it! This battle is hard but not impossible to win.

Money and relationships are having a competition together just like a tortoise and a rabbit. Here money is a rabbit and relationship are a tortoise because everyone runs for money rather than relationships.

Overall, this is the battle between us to know the true value of money and relationships. These things matter to us very much. We can’t live without money and relationships but here the main question is that abundant money never satisfies us, and relationships are hard to form again once break! So, which one do you pick?

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Money vs. relationships

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