Religions Around the Globe.

There are many religions in the world, but all people are equal and one. They go to churches, mosques, and temples to worship God. Everyone has a different religion and that is what is amazing about it. People around the world travel to countless countries to explore the religion about them. They buy souvenirs from each country to remember each religion.

My religion is Hindu which is broad and difficult to understand as well. There are many Gods which signifies many things. There are numerous holy books which many Hindus read. Being a Hindu is a proud thing for me because I love my country and religion.

The flag of India has four colors which are orange, white, blue, and green. Orange represents power and white is for peace, blue is wheel of law, and green is for nature.

I have travelled to Shirdi which is in India for my 20th birthday with my family. It was a great experience, and we had a good time. It is wonderful to visit religious places and I wish we could travel again.

People come from different religious backgrounds, and they are unique in their own ways. They blend in various cultures, and they enjoy learning about religions. We should respect each other religions.

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Religions around the globe!

4 Replies to “Religions Around the Globe.”

  1. Our religion is difficult to understand because we have too many books available and not passed on correctly by our elders. It’s now our turn to read those books and pass on the legacy to our children with correct knowledge and information.

  2. Dearest Richa, being a Hindu and understand is not at all complex if and only one loves nature one would understand that ancients provided us a way to pray to each and every possibility present from an ant to a rock.

    And you know may be us/we say and believe that every religion is equal and one but sadly it is not actually so. As much as we prescribe to peace and give our all for an equal world but truth is kind of and has been uneven 🙂

    Thank you though.
    Nara x

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