Love & Wealth

Life has two main components according to me which are love and wealth. They are most precious to us.

Love is the most wonderful feeling that we can express to our family, friends, and our true companions. Sometimes, love is silent, but it has a lot of meaning to it. We can hide our feelings, but love can’t be hidden from our secret admirer. Without love, there is nothing in this world that we can get. No matter, what we do, love can’t be replace with anything else.

Similarly, wealth is another component in life that everyone wants to have and are crazy for it. People like to have wealth more than love. They are running to make money as if life is all about wealth.

We don’t understand that life is really small, and we should find love everywhere than wealth. Wealth comes and goes but love stays for us forever in our hearts! Wealth takes a lot of time to be earned, but love takes less time to form in any relationships. It can be destroyed in many ways, but love can be sacrifice in many ways.

Love and wealth are like two main ingredients in life that are important for human survival, but it should be in a limit because everything should be done in a various way. Our life is a battle of love and wealth which runs very fast but at the end the battle of wealth takes over from love. This game will continue forever in our lives because wealth doesn’t have a full stop in our lives.

Love Vs Money | Voices of Youth
Love wins over wealth


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